Wednesday, June 5, 2019

E-commerce shipping services by Ezyslips


In the present era, everything is being so advanced and less time is available with people. This is the only reason why people go for the options that are less time consuming as well as services convenient to avail.

When it comes to shopping online or placing an order for any of the stuff people look for e-commerce shipping options. E-commerce services make the availability of the product at the doorstep of the customer.

When it comes to looking for e-commerce shipping software, people look for numerous but end with nothing. But now your search has come to an end. Ezyslips software is one of the best e-commerce shipping software that has been used widely by the people. The reason being is the service that is offered by Ezyslips.

When it comes to trust software the key requirement is the services that are associated with that particular software.

There are multiple services are associated with Ezyslips. Such as:

ü  Ezy accounting
ü  3PL integration
ü  GST invoice in bulk
ü  Carrier integration
ü  Generate shipping label in bulk
ü  Automate return
ü  Telly integration
ü  Automate customers alert
ü  Shipping automation
ü  Courier reconciliation

All these services are available for the customers under one roof.
When it comes to the cost of these e-commerce shipping options people get worried and think that these cost too high and are out of their budget. But Ezyslipsis available with a nominal price and with a pack system. Such as:

ü  Basic: this plan is considered to be a good plan for startups. You just need to pay Rs. 599/month and in return you will get 300 order credits. This is the payable amount and along with GST which is 18% it will cost just Rs. 707.

ü  Silver: this is the most recommended pack to the users. In this pack, you are supposed to pay Rs. 1199/Month and in return you will get 6000 order credits. This is the payable amount and along with GST which is 18%  you are supposed to pay Rs. 8489. You are paying this amount for 6 months.

ü  Gold: this pack comes with a price of Rs. 2399/month. You will the 6000 order credits with this one. In this pack, you are supposed to pay Rs. 8492 for 3 months including GST which is 18%.

ü  Platinum: this pack comes with a price of Rs. 4999/month. In return, you will get 15000 order credits. Along with GST which is 18%, the amount payable is Rs. 7696. This is valid for the duration of 3 months.

This was all about the prices that you are supposed to pay in return for the services offered to you by Ezyslips.

Some other reasons being for choosing Ezyslips shipping software are:

ü  One can place the order from multiple channels, no need to visit a specific platform to place the order.
ü  HSN codes and GST taxes are managed with the codes of the products wisely.
ü  Panel for COD reconciliation
ü  Different warehouses can be handles at the same time.

Just choose Ezyslips and forget about the problems you faced in earlier times regarding the shipping of your order.

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