Thursday, May 30, 2019

When to get in touch with your doctor during the first trimester of pregnancy


You might be expecting! This seems to be an emotional coaster ride all the more so if it appears to be your first baby. There are a lot of changes expected at this point of time and this seems to be a normal one. But first early symptoms of pregnancy might warrant certain degree of attention. Though during the first few months there are some symptoms that you might have to pay extra amount of attention. For example a little bit of nausea or vaginal discharge is not unusual, but they could pose a problem as well! Now it is the right time to call your doctor?

A natural tendency might be there in order to ignore the signs so as to avoid the clues as this would prevent bigger troubles. You need to be aware on how to take care of yourself and even the developing baby.  Discuss with your doctor on how you are feeling though it might be ok if you interact with your doctor about the symptoms during early pregnancy at this juncture.

Vaginal bleeding

Some degree of spotting might be ok, but heavy amount of bleeding could pose to be sign of ectopic pregnancy. More red the bleeding better significance it would mount to. The bleeding could replicate a situation of period cramps as this can lead to a miscarriage. If this occurs with a sharp pain then the possibility of ectopic pregnancy cannot be ruled out.

Get in touch with your doctor as they are going to suggest a detailed ultrasound exam and based on your symptoms some blood work. Some amount of spotting is common but you would not want to ignore if it is accompanied by heavy bleeding or abdominal pain.

Vomiting and excessive nausea

During the first trimester of pregnancy nausea and vomiting is a routine affair. Most of the pregnant women encounter such symptoms. If this is going to make you dehydrated then this is an area that you need to pay a lot of attention. If you are not in a position to retain the fluid for more than 12 hours, it is high time you get in touch with your doctor.

Discuss with your doctor as sometimes you might have to be hospitalized to cure dehydration, though there are medicines which would help you get rid of nausea

The fact is that nausea or morning sickness is common during the tenure of pregnancy, but when it is extreme then only issues spring up.

Itching and vaginal discharge

Some degree of vaginal discharge or itching is normal when you are pregnant. But in some cases it could lead to the occurrence of sexually transmitted diseases that can have important impact during the period of pregnancy.

If it could be an infection it can go on to harm the baby. No need to be shy and let your doctor be aware of what is happening down there. If a problem exists they can treat it.

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