Thursday, May 2, 2019

7 Tough Situations that Every Wedding Photographers Handle


It is a proud moment when you are hired by a couple for capturing the memories of their most significant life event. That is why photography vendors like Gasparian FOTO provide individual attention to couples when meeting, or shooting their pictures. A wedding photographer requires planning and focus for providing his client with the photos with which they can roam through their wedding day again. However, certain moments are not too helpful for a photographer. Almost every professional photographer needs to have a plan to handle those situations. Some of you may even encounter these situations despite having all the precautions. If you are prepared to handle those situations, you can gently smile and move on with your work.

1.      Delays
Typically, wedding days will have a plan along with a timeline. As a photographer, you also know that those delays can happen and you should also prepare for it by allowing some extra time for each photoshoot. However, things can still get worse, and delays can even embarrass your plans because some events tend to shift, shorten or switch the order in those situations. These situations can cause difficulties for portrait photography. So even if you thought that you would get an hour for taking these pictures, you need to be prepared to take them in just a quarter of the time.

2.      Misbehaving Guests
There might be some guests who will not talk to you properly, some guests may deny posing for you, some may get in the way of your photography, and some guests may even leave right after the end of the ceremony.  It is recommended to keep calm in those situations avoid any mishap. The best way to deal with these circumstances is to ask for a wedding coordinator to help you to arrange and get the guests to pose for you.

3.      Kids Running All Over
You cannot control those annoying kids at a wedding no matter what you do. They will run all over the venue, and they may even ruin your picture of the day. You have to remain patient with these kids. Besides, when you want to capture a group photo with kids, be prepared to take it as soon as you have their attention because they have very short attention spans.

4.      Guests shooting pictures or video on their phones

Nowadays, most mobile phones have exceptional camera feature. That leaves the guests with a tendency to shoot images or videos everywhere, and it increases in the events like wedding. Although they interfere marginally with the chief photographer, you will find it troublesome in two situations, during the entry and exit of the couple. People can easily disrupt you from your photography as they tend to lean in from the sides for taking pictures or video through their mobile phones. It is vital to remain composed and take a snap during these situations when the opportunity arises.

5.      Cameraman Getting in the Way
If you and the official cameraman are not from the same vendor, you can get in each other's way. It is crucial to have cooperation between you and the cameramen for capturing a wedding. Professional photographers and videographers do not see this as a problem since they usually have a plan for shooting the entire wedding together. However, working with an amateur videographer can be a very problematic situation. So if you face that kind of situation, you can have a chat and even guide him although it may distract you from your photography.

6.      Cracked Lens
There will be so many situations in a wedding that can make you feel ridiculously annoyed and cracking your lens is one of them. You cannot always protect your camera from dropping since there will be running children, moving tables, distracted guests or even your consciousness to cause your lens to break. It is imperative to take extra lenses to cover up when you face that kind of situations.

7.      Moving from Site to Site
When you are hired for an all-day wedding shoot,  you will need to move from place to places, sites to sites. You need to be there when the bride or groom is preparing, and you need to be there when the bride and groom are entering the hall. You need to be everywhere to fulfill your photographic album. So it is essential to keep a detailed note on where you need to be and when.

To conclude, tough situations are typical for a wedding photographer, and there is always a solution to handle them. If you can professionally manage them, you will become one of the most successful photographers.

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