Friday, April 12, 2019

What is commitment and how it exists within any relationship


Meaning of commitment:

Who knows commitment better than a sports person, an athlete, a chief, a mother, etc. it is a promise that holds two things together it could be for a soldier with their country or cricketer to their fans.

What does commitment mean in a relationship, is not an easy question to answer because having a commitment to a love relationship is difficult sometimes it depends on the type of relationship and thoughts the two-person shares? It is not a job, it is a feeling and dedication towards each other, it could be for a month, a year or till death, one could not claim anything about love. Anyone loving you today may not surely love you for the lifetime it depends on situation and time so commitment on the basis of love would not be right.

Love, commitment or marriage:

Many people think that love is more important than commitment, some do not promise to live life together but love each other so deeply ended having lifetime relation, on the other hand there are people having god promises of being with each other lifelong but ends relationship after sometime,  once they stop feeling spark in each other.

Love has a different definition in every heart, some people say, marriage is love but they are wrong, marriage means commitment which comes with responsibility not love, commitment is only been successful if it stands on the pillars of love that holds the relation tightly.

As it is also said to love is not enough for everything, anyhow promises and words are important because it has some beliefs in itself. People going for shopping ask for the written specification for any product no one believes in spoken words or nobody feels the love immediately.

Love overcommitment:

What do you call a relationship without commitment, a bond that bounded by love? Seems that love is essential not commitment because it comes automatically when two people love each other deeply if not then it could be any misunderstanding, not any mis-happening because Pure love never dies and afraid of anything. Commitment should not be treated as a warranty of a relationship; it is made on the ground of love not commitment. Love always comes first it initiate any relation but in Indian marriages, commitment comes first that’s why many relations have to face difficult times and maybe having a divorce or ended up by domestic crimes, external affairs, office relation, etc.

Feeling giddy in your stomach is the first symbol of love, it could not be controlled. Loves make you realize the feeling of forgiveness, humanity, charity, respect. One of the biggest challenges during any relation when one needs the commitment to continue and other do not prefer to give that, it does not mean they do not love each but they are just scared of losing each other and they believe that promising makes their relationship strong and powerful but it actually breaks.

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