Friday, March 8, 2019

Leased Property: Should you take it Into Consideration?


To have a property is an asset in all senses you not just become an owner of a property but you can also make income out of it. There are many people who have been investing in property for their benefits and usages.

Of course you can pick Pre-leased property for sale in Gurgaon and make it one of your assets. There are streaks of properties to choose from. You can easily come across the good options or through ones that are as per your requirement and within your budget.

Why leased property?

Once you plan to buy or take a property on lease, you do have something or other going in your mind. You cannot just go for a property without giving a thought.  There has to be a motive or purpose.  Do you plan to take a property and give it on rent?  Do you think that you can keep the property for long hall? Or do you have any thoughts to run your small business from there? Well, whatever be the case you have to be prudent about everything.

Once you have purchased a leased property you would not just get the property but also the tenants living in that property. Of course, there is no need to look around for the people to take your property on rent. You would get the property the moment you purchase it and the people living in that would start giving the rent to you. Of course, what can be more satisfying than that? There would be no time wastage or extra efforts. You would not have to put in any extra efforts to look for rentals and so on.
Actually the concept of pre-leased property is swiftly catching investor’s interest because the concept is a prolific deal. You must understand a couple of things about pre-leased property before you purchase to find out why investors intend to jump on such a bandwagon.

-          The concept gets you a wonderful income on lease deposit in the shape of interest and certainly, the monthly rental income. Adding to this, the appreciation value could at times extend to somewhat fifteen to twenty percent per year.

-          As the name says it all, these properties are pre-leased and since that is the case, you are buying commercially-feasible property that has already recognized its worth.

-          It is important for you to know that mostly the lease contracts have three year lock in period so you don’t have to tense about getting cheated on this front.

-          The harvest return is minimum six to eight percent sometimes going as high as even ten to twelve percent.  It is a wonderful and stimulating prospect to get high harvest from the investment you have done.


Thus, the point is whether you invest in pre rented office Gurgaon or you get your property leased; you can experience great outcomes. It is all about what you need and why. Once you are sure about certain things, you can make the most of everything.

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