Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Japanese Anime Cartoon


When people, as Japanese, listen to the term “Japanese animated anime”, people have this funny feeling. Perhaps this is part of the cartoon that does not properly wrap the anime. Since they only use terms such as Manga and Anime, perhaps the new term Caricature is not something we are used to.

However, there are many factors why this term gives us these special feelings

People know that this is just a different expression, not the subject itself, but when you say “Japanese cartoon”, it sounds less lively in the sense that they have to apologize if it offends someone. On the contrary, if you say Japanese animation, it may mean that it is created in a rich art form. Probably not the impression that more and more Americans or Europeans are approaching the Japanese animated cartoons.

By definition, the difference between Anime and Cartoon is as follows. Anime, from animation, indicates all Japanese animations, in contrast to the cartoon, which is a comic of the current satire.Therefore, there are still cartoons that are also Japanese anime, and they are called Japanese anime cartoons. Then People should not even have any value in this matter, but this is just a definition. The real feeling for these words in terminology is different from Japanese.

Anime and cartoons are two different things.People know this sounds a bit strange for some people who are not used to cultural differences. But such a small difference can make a big difference in the big picture.

People are sure that in the English language there are terms that are very similar, but have different meanings. So, for example, if Dragon Ball plays in a Cartoon Network, it looks and sounds a little funny. However, something like Princess Mononoke in order to be a cartoon, more suited from our point of view.

Japanese anime, such as Totoro, are wonderful animated cartoons. This is due to the fact that they are not only good and interesting for reading comic books, but sometimes they can represent our Japanese culture to a greater degree and in the end can become an animation.


It’s known that some people in the United States do not understand what they talk about, but those of you who understand what they mean, remember that the next time you receive images, images or wallpapers for characters from galleries The Japanese rarely refer to them as Japanese anime cartoons. People prefer to use the term Japanese anime, manga or animation. Think about the term "Cartoon" only for animation created by non-Japanese creators. Well, in the end, what they call doesn't really matter, but the main thing is the quality of Anime or Caricature.

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