Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Improving your blood sugar levels


Changing hormone levels of a woman makes it really hard to deal with compounding blood sugar problems. Now when the hormones are out of control challenge is how to keep blood sugar levels under tab. This is contrary to the explanation we receive, hormone levels keep on changing on a day to day basis.  This could be leading to a situation where it is sensitive to insulin. You need to figure out how does hormones have an impact on your blood sugar levels and how to adjust insulin levels. To keep your blood sugar levels in a specified range it is impossible to predict. For each woman process of reaction could be different which adopts a one in fit all plan.

If you have been dealing with type 2 diabetes for a long time then you are aware on how annoying blood sugar fluctuations can be. The key is to maintain it within controllable limits. If blood sugar levels are normal it can ward off possible complicated diseases like diabetes , vision problems or even a stroke. You are focussed and remain in a good mood. You are going to be aware that your diabetes is in control if you do not face frequent symptoms of urination, weight loss or a blurred vision.Glucose in urine pregnant could also be an issue to address.

Different lifestyle changes can cause blood sugar levels to fluctuate and levels are expected to swing. If you are suffering from advanced stages of diabetes it is expected that you would be having low sugar levels. If the blood sugar levels are high it can lead to nausea or blurred vision and sometimes it can lead to death as well.

To cope up with issues leading to high or low blood pressure could be a balancing act. If you are under considerable amount of stress it can lead to an impact on the readings aspect. Though even if you keep a control in what you eat and drink during the day fluctuations does occur on a day to day basis. There are some lesser known facts that could cause problems with blood sugar.

To pep up your blood sugar ovulation, dehydration has a role to play. Yes both of them have a strong relation that you might realize. Sugar as part of your system becomes concentrated and chances of dehydration increase if you are forced to urinate. An age old rule of drinking 8 cups of water suits you well. If you feel that taste of water does not appeal to you, then opt for other flavoured drinks.

In addition there are some medicines in the market which create havoc with diabetes control. This is in particular reference to the over the counter medicines. An example that comes to the mind is steroids which are commonly used to treat asthma. As part of your prescription and even if it is not the case do discuss with your health care provider medicines you are expected to consume.


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