Thursday, February 14, 2019

Norton Internet Security Support UK


Norton Internet Security Support UK includes all those features that come with Norton Antivirus software for PC. Some of these security features are described here.


Firewall protects the computer from and data from hackers. The user has the facility to control the traffic, which is coming into or going out of his computer. The firewall provided by Norton Internet Security Support UK is two-way and users can configure it in any way they like. The settings done will allow only some applications to use internet and prohibit others by blocking the IP addresses.

Identity Protection

Identity theft is much common when a person is connected to internet. The computers may suffer the phishing attacks if it is not protected. These attacks occur if a user enters a malicious website. Usually hackers host the websites. The computer is protected by phishing filters provided in Norton Internet Security Support UK. These filters analyze the links and the URLs sent in an email and if it finds any potential dangers, it warns the user about it.

Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe is a feature with which the credentials of the user are encrypted and then automatically entered into the required field. For example, if a user has opened a social media site, he does not have to type the credentials as they are entered automatically so malicious keylogging software applications cannot hack them.

Norton Safe Web

Norton Safe Web checks for any fake and fraud websites that can occur as a search result. This feature warns the users about them and users should not visit those websites. This feature also work s during surfing and if it finds any malicious website, it warns the user about it and so users need not visit such websites. Users can leave immediately what they are doing to keep, their computer safe.

Anti Spam

This feature is useful for those users who are habituated to use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails. Users regularly receive unwanted messages called spams and the antispam feature checks them based on the settings done by the user and takes action accordingly. The feature does not work with online emailing services like Yahoo, Google, Rediffmail, etc. These email services already have spam filter feature.

Parental Controls Management

There are children who are old enough to use internet and parents always have to check what types of websites they are using.  Parental controls management provided by Norton Internet Security Support UK helps the parents in this matter. It helps the parents to check which websites are being used by the kids. It also informs the parents about the persons with whom the child is chatting.

There are many more security features available with Norton which have high price but the company ensures that the computers will be safe from any kind of attack. Users can do anything on internet safely whether it is banking, surfing, chatting, mailing, or any other thing. The computer will be safe from malware, virus attacks, spams and many other types of attacks.

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