Saturday, February 2, 2019

Mother of bride dressing guide for Summer Wedding


Most of the people don’t expect a wedding in summer and winter and that is why most of the people don’t even have the idea about how they should dress up on such weddings. Being a mother of bride you can just be happy about the wedding and as far as dress is concerned you will have to look for something that is appropriate for your age, looks good on you and also is perfect for the weather. Dressing up for a summer wedding as the mother of the bride is not something difficult but here is the guide for you if you are still trying to figure out what you have to wear and how you should look.


The first thing about the dressing up that comes to our mind is the mother of bride dress. Now being the summer wedding you can’t go for the Mother of the bride dresses unless it is an indoor wedding and you will have to stay in air conditioner all the time then you can select a gown that is made of chiffon or lace or any other such lighter fabric. But if it is an outdoor wedding you need to look for short mother of bride dresses. Depending upon the wedding theme you can either go for the printed cotton dress or you can go for the silk or any other fabric that will be suitable for summer.


Now if you are wearing a gown in an indoor wedding then buying the heels is a nice option otherwise you have to go for the sandals with the short dress since most probably the wedding will be in a backyard and you want to be as relaxed as possible. Try to find shoes that will keep your feet comfortable so you won’t have to mingle while your feet are aching.


Try to keep the makeup as light as possible if it is an outdoor wedding and keep refreshing your makeup too. A makeup fixing spray will help you keep your makeup intact for long period and with regular touch up you will look fresh. On the other hand if it is an indoor wedding you can wear makeup however you like but still due to summer try keeping it light.


Now coming towards the accessories having a clutch is very important in any of the cases and jewellery should be according to the dress. You can wear heavy jewellery with your gown but if you are wearing a short dress try keeping your jewellery light. Some nice ear studs will look perfect with a delicate pendant. If it is an outdoor wedding you can also match a hat with your dress and it will help you protect from the sun and will also make you look classy

So these are all the tips for the summer wedding that you need to follow as the mother of the bride. Try keeping yourself cool and fresh so you can look good in pictures


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