Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Firewood Types and Tips to Identify a Suitable Stock for Winters


Even after installing expensive heating systems inside the house, people still prefer firewoods to keep themselves warm. Sitting in front of a fireplace along family or friends munching favorite snacks is exactly what everyone expects in the chilling winters. You must start preparations for months before the arrival of the season. If you start searching for a firewood supplier right in the middle winters, the quality of wood most probably poor. Before placing an order, one must be aware of the basic differences between the types of firewoods. For the burning purpose, 2 types of firewoods are available in the market i.e.

1)    Hardwood
2)    Softwood

They differ on the basis of several factors as mentioned below: -

1)    Molecular structure
The hardwood is generally denser than softwood because of its molecular structure. The hardwood has more density which is also the main reason behind its heavyweight. The loosely packed molecules of softwood keep it lighter to carry and also start burning instantly.

2)    Burning lifespan
A softwood catches fire instantly but it also exhausts much earlier than the hardwood. The lifespan of hardwood is 3 to 4 times more than a softwood. The cedar, maple, walnut or red gum firewood for sale in Mittagong can burn efficiently indoor and outdoor locations. You can carry it for camping purpose and stay warm all the night with adequate flame.

3)    Heat intensity
The heat intensity of hard firewood is much higher than softwood. It burns with stable and high calorific value to produce a good amount of heat. The dense molecular structure is the core reason behind its stable flame. Along with personal purpose, the industrial sectors also demand hard firewood for commercial use.

4)    Smoke emission and a residue
The firewood that burns with high flame intensity also emits less smoke. If you are searching a vendor of bulk firewood for sale, make sure that he is dealing in hard firewood. Especially, when you are buying it for an indoor purpose, a smoke factor is highly considerable. Excessive smoke emission turns the wall color into black and creates suffocation. Some softwoods also cottonwood and white birch also burn efficiently by emitting less smoke.

Important things to consider while buying a cord of firewood

1)     Moisture level
Wood for the burning purpose must be well seasoned before supplying. It means, reducing the moisture level below 25%. It is essential otherwise, you will face a lot of difficulty in burning. The excessively moist wood produces too much smoke and also produces very less smoke. Ask the delivery man bring a moisture reading meter on the time of delivery.

2)    Cord measurement
Always buy birth, ironbark or red gum firewood wholesale in Mittagong with cord measurement. A cord has dimensions of four feet high by four feet wide by eight feet long (4 ft. x 4 ft. x 8 ft.). It is a metal frame that comprises wooden logs in quantity rather than weight. If you buy firewood in kilograms measurement, the seller may cheat supplying moist wood that has heavyweight due to the water level.

3)    Ethically Sourced
The source of your firewood must always be ethical. Never go with a seller who cannot tell you the exact source of firewood. Ask them about the species of wood in which they are dealing. Check the location online to make sure whether such kinds of species are available there or not. Also, ask them to show the vendor license before making a deal.

This information is enough to identify good quality firewood without getting cheated by a seller.


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