Friday, February 15, 2019

An Informative Guide On Free-standing Mezzanine

The free-standing mezzanine, also known as the standalone mezzanine or freestanding wide span mezzanine is a type of flooring structure that incorporates high PSF (pounds per square foot) capacity and wide column spacing. This structure is usually constructed for some special needs. And it is mainly developed within an existing structure or building to enhance the clear space above and under the mezzanine floor. This type of mezzanine floor offers the greatest level of flexibility in reconfiguration and set up. So, it can double a floor space.

Why free-standing mezzanines are installed in the industrial areas?

Freestanding mezzanine floors as well as equipment platforms are basically structural independent constructions. These are installed inside the existing facilities in order to maximize the square footage and also to get the maximum out of the big industrial spaces. With the help of some standard components, these floors can add important space to the operations of businesses without the prolonged expense needed in case of standard construction. So, free standing mezzanines work as the ultimate solution to maximize industrial floor spaces.

 These offer the highest load capacity and allow a long reach between uprights. Often customized by the experts, the freestanding mezzanineoffers the business owners the flexibility to use each level as per the demand. The best thing about this type of mezzanine is that it is available with different types of floor types like OSP, wood, concrete slab etc.

This mezzanine style comes with a modular, unique design. And this feature makes it a great investment for the long-term. Besides, due to this feature, this mezzanine style doesn’t need any structural support from a building. Thus, it can be moved conveniently. Apart from that, this structure can be dismantled and transported quite easily if the business moves to any other location.

Benefits that the Free-standing mezzanines offer:

  1. Including free-standing mezzanines to your workplace or warehouse would cost less than half of adding onto a building
  2. The free-standing mezzanines are portable enough. These can be set up quite easily. And these can also be reconfigured quite easily. So, these can be relocated off-site or within a building if there is a need for change.
  3. The free-standing mezzanines can offer office spaces right on the floor of the warehouse. It allows business owners to supervise operations. Besides, it works as the meeting areas for the warehouse workers without any office renovations.
  4. The free-standing mezzanines offer flexibility to create new space while expanding the warehouses. And the best thing about these mezzanines is that these can be customized as per the project needs and budget of the companies.
  5. The free-standing mezzanines enhance the footprint of space without additional wall structures or concrete work. Often leased spaces come with some special restrictions on building modifications and expansions. In these cases, the free-standing mezzanines work as the ideal solution to deal with the space issues.
    So, these mezzanines are the perfect solutions for industrial or commercial businesses that need some extra storage space with great flexibility.

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