Thursday, February 21, 2019

5 Things that should not be a Part of your Summer Storage


If you are a home owner with a range of assets but limited space, you must sure be considering hiring a storage unit. Renting a storage unit come as a great relief when you run out of space and want a safe storage for your personal belongings.

For sure, storage units are great, especially with all those options, but, it is important to know what type of storage unit you prefer. While some are interested in renting a climate controlled unit, others may not go for the option.

If you belong to the latter category and want to save some money on the storage unit’s bill, you must avoid storing some items in the unit, as you do not have the climate control option. Wondering what these items are, here we spill the beans:

1-      Photographs:

Humidity is the worst thing for your photographs, and during the summer season, the humidity levels are really high. The worst case scenario is that the pictures would stick to each other and lose their color, thanks to the hot and humid conditions. Yu can avoid this by not storing the pictures in a hot storing unit or hire a climate controlled unit for the summer months, instead.

2-      Electronics:

Just like the photographs, hot and humid weather conditions wreak havoc on your electronic items. We all have some extra speakers, television sets or may an old computer that we no longer need, shifting such items to the public storage Scottsdale, is the best way to store them safely. However, if you haven’t rented a climate controlled unit, you should avoid the storage during the summer.

3-      Wooden Furniture:

Humidity and hot temperatures are two enemies of your precious wooden furniture. While you must be planning to move the bed frames, tables, chairs, and wooden furniture to a storage unit, you can put them at a risk, exposing them to adverse conditions. You will see the wood crack, warp and rot over the time, if the conditions remains to be hot and humid for a long time.

4-      Leather:

Well, leather furniture and accessories are surely a treasure and putting them in a hit and humid storage unit can be the most dreadful mistakes of your life. The high moisture in the environment can make the leather warp, mildew grow on the surface and discoloration. To prevent such a big damage, avoid summer month’s storage in a non-climate controlled unit.

5-      Books & Paperwork:

Many of us consider storageunit to be a perfect place to store all the extra books and paperwork. However, little did we know that during the summer months, non-climate controlled storage units become the worst place for storing those pieces of papers.

The humidity in the storage units soar to the highest level, making worst storage condition for papers. You can experience fading ink, yellowish papers and stains over the sheets, over the time.

So, avoid storing these items in the storage unit or invest in a climate controlled unit for summer storage.

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