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What are the post and pre-wedding rituals? Some of the rituals that; are done in a Christian wedding.

What do you mean by pre-wedding rituals and post-wedding rituals? The rituals that take place before the wedding ceremony are known or referred to as pre-wedding rituals. On the other side, the rituals that take place after the wedding ceremony are known as post-wedding rituals. If someone is finding for bride and groom he or she can take help from marriage bureau in Delhi.

The Christian wedding is the shortest wedding that can be seen. There are a limited number of rituals that occur in a Christian wedding. Some of the different types of pre and post-wedding rituals of Christian are mentioned below:

Pre-wedding rituals

1.    Engagement: This is the most important ritual that takes place in a Christian wedding. This is a ritual in which a formal date is set for the bride and groom. After the proposal, the bride and groom are engaged at a local church of that place. Engagement is a ceremony in which both the bride and groom exchange their rings to announce that soon they are going to combine together. After this pre-wedding ritual, the Bridal shower and Bachelor’s party takes place.

2.   Bridal Shower: This is a type of party in which all the bride friends and female relatives of the bride throw a party for the bride to be. They do a lot of fun dancing on DJ’s, Singing songs etc. This ritual is known as a bridal shower because the bride is showered with so many gifts, jewelry, and money by her relatives and friends.

3.    Bachelor’s Party: This is also a pre-wedding ritual that takes place on the groom’s side. Bachelor’s party is a party that is organized by the groom friends so, that the groom can enjoy the last day before the wedding properly. The groom and his friends enjoy dancing, singing, drinking and eating. This is a party which is usually held at the groom’s house or in a club.

4.    Roce ceremony: This is a type of anointing ceremony in which the bride and groom are anointed with oil. This is a type of ceremony in which all the friends, family members, and relatives of bride and groom dip their hands in oil and apply on the bride and groom’s body. After this, the oil is poured on their head which is followed by the coconut oil and roce.


Post-wedding rituals

1.     Taking blessings: The bride and groom take blessings from all the elder people. This is the first post-wedding ritual that takes place in a Christian wedding.

2.    Throwing flowers: The bride throws the flowers that are carried by her in hands during the wedding ceremony. It is believed that the girl who will catch those flowers will be married the net.

3.     After the wedding party: Both the bride and groom are given party after the wedding by their friends, family, and relatives.

These are the rituals that are done in a Christian wedding. People can take help from Gurgaon matrimony to find perfect groom and bride.

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