Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Top 8 Tips for Preventing Hair Loss in Women


Many women, even the younger ones, are looking for the best hair loss solution online. If you are already suffering from hair loss, hair transplant is the best hair loss solution available to you. However, why arrive at a situation in the first place that can cause hair loss? In this article, we are going to share top 8 tips for women who want to prevent hair loss.    
Avoid hairstyle pulling on the hairline

Cornrows, tight ponytails, braids and there are many other hairstyles pulling on the small hairs. This stress due to tight hairstyles strongly pulls on the delicate hairs. This leads to hair loss and hair thinning. Use elastic hair bands to hair up in a ponytail. Your hairs will not get tangled in the elastic.

Avoid using hair tools that use high heat

Heat is not good for hair. This heat weakens the hair strand. Hair strand becomes brittle causing the problem of hair loss. Do not leave curling iron or hair straightener in your hair for a long time, not for more than 10 seconds. You have set heat too high if you hear sizzling. You can reduce damage due to heat by using a heat-protecting spray.

Avoid chemical processing

Salons are offering some chemical processing treatments that are as harmful as heat. These treatments can damage the shaft of hair. This weakens hair and leads to hair loss. Natural colors and styles are always better than these chemical treatments.   

Check your diet

Want to revitalize thinning strands? Eat foods high in minerals like zinc, iron and vitamin B12. Include nuts, leafy greens, fish, beans, and lean meats in your diet.

Use the right products

Hair loss is one of the major cosmetic concerns for women. There are many companies producing products for restoring hair growth. There are many shampoos available on the market for destroying bacteria responsible for hair loss and restores normal hair growth. These products also improve blood circulation. However, one such product cannot be the right hair loss solution if you have lost too much hair. You will have to go for hair transplant in this case.

Use topical medication

These medications can also help but not every time. If you are a person with a weak immune system, these over-the-counter medications cause infection, irritation, and some other minor issues. And, you will notice that the once restored hair growth is gone after you stop using these topical medications. Use these medications only if the doctor recommends.            

Consider scalp massage

Make it a part of your hair care regimen. Perform scalp massage after you have applied shampoo or conditioner. Massage can improve blood circulation to the scalp. Blood circulation is necessary to trigger hair growth.

Use essential oils

Cypress, carrot seed, rosemary, and lavender oils are good for the health and growth of hair. 

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