Monday, January 7, 2019

How to keep seasonal bunch fresh at home


Receiving fresh bunch of flowers is the nicest thing that is possible for someone. These days seasonal blooms look tied in a loose bouquet looks colourful and bright and it always brings a happy smile on someone’s face.

In order to send Pakistan flowers online, one can always choose fresh blooms from flower sites and send it to their near and dear ones. Sending and receiving flowers sounds nice but one also needs to keep them in such a way that the bunch remains fresh at least for a few days.

Here are a few things to keep in mind so that the blooms you receive remain colourful at your house or at your office desk at least for a week.

·         First you need to pick the right flower vase to keep those flowers. Wash the vase with lukewarm water along with a cup of bleach and a sponge. When the washing is done, allow drying the vase naturally and do not rub it to dry with a towel. It will ensure the fact that no bacteria are present anymore in the vase and so one can keep the flowers safely there.

     Use some tap water to fill the vase where one can place the flowers. If the flowers have wooden stems then they will need a deep drink and so the vase has to be filled with two third of water. But if the flowers have softer stems then the vase has to be filled half with tap water.

·         When the water is filled, keep the vase aside for a few minutes so that the water reaches the room temperature and then dip the bunch of flower in that normal water.

·         Then dissolve a packet of flower food to the vase of water and then make sure it is fully dissolved in it. This flower food is a mixture of sugar, bactericide and citric acid which are perfect for the flowers who have been cut from the tree. A small sachet of this food works perfectly in a litre of water. The bleach present in it removes the bacteria and the sugar present in it provides the flower with a lot of energy. The citric acid on the other hand balances the PH of water.

·         One can also make a n=mo on their own with a tea spoon of household sugar, a tea spoon if unscented bleach and 2 tea spoons of lemon juice in a quarter cup of water and stir it well so that the mixture is fully dissolved. You can keep this mix instead of water in the vase for 3 to 4 days but if you cannot do this at home, then replace the vase water every 24 hours.

·         Always remove any kind of foliage that goes below the water line of the vase. If it is not removes then it will create bacteria in the clear water.

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