Friday, December 28, 2018

All that you need to understand about whiteboards and their varying surfaces

Many other varying names are used to refer to the glass whiteboard Brisbane. They include marker board, dry-erase board, wipe board, pen board, and so on. The board is produced with a surface that’s glossy, on which you can perform non-permanent markings. The boards are most commonly large-framed and white in color.

These boards are truly valuable in places such as conference halls, college and school classrooms, meeting rooms, as well as offices. The white marker boards turned instantly popular after the 80s.

Chalk boards were invented during the 60s. Earlier, there were instances of allergies and other varying health issues, thus, they weren’t much in fashion. After that, the blackboards were replaced by these whiteboards. Several and varying materials are utilised in making their white surfaces. The most widespread materials used in the production of the surfaces include;

  • Aluminium or painted steel: In this kind of board, aluminium or board steel surfaces get painted. This type of surface survives longer when compared to the other types. The boards with this type of surfaces feature smooth surfaces on which marks can be erased quite easily.
  • Melamine: This is actually paper that has been impregnated with resin. Boards featuring surfaces made from melamine are quite cheaper when compared to those made of other materials. But, this type of boards can easily be scratched. Over time, markers appear to leave them with permanent impressions.
  • Glass or Magnetic: The Designer All Boards Company features some truly amazing versions of these one. They are the best of all surfaces. Boards that feature magnetic or glass surfaces are truly smooth and marks can be erased from the surfaces quite easily. They never get any ink impressions. And, just any marker can easily be used on their surface.
  • Hard coat laminate: Boards that feature this type of surface are truly rare to get. The majority of them feature a lifetime surface guarantee and warranty. They never get any ink stains over time the way some other surfaces do. Even though it’s been said that they can be rare, they could still be gotten particularly from online suppliers. They have become so popular because of the little to no maintenance they need and the ability to completely avoid ink stains.
  • Enamel, porcelain on steel: This type of board surface is produced with ceramic or glass. This type of surface also doesn’t get stained with ink marks or scratched even after being in use for a prolonged period of time. They even enable the utilisation of magnets, and they don’t even absorb any permanent markers.
Though they feature these varying surfaces with the listed varying characteristics, these boards are generally very valuable teaching tools for modern teachers. They could be marked quite easily with varying colours of Marker. In general, black markers are mostly used when writing on a glass whiteboard Brisbane.

The boards mostly feature large frames; the frames could be produced from wood, metals, or aluminium. They are truly versatile in their use and applications. To get other information or assistance about the boards, there are varying resources you can turn to online.

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