Thursday, December 20, 2018

A wedding planner for your wedding: jack of all trades


What a soldier does in a war, a wedding planner does for your wedding. A jack of all trades they are. They say you just sit and they plan and execute everything before you the whole wedding planning as you want whether for your daughter, son or for someone else, could be your relative too. You can get busy pampering your son or daughter and leave all the wedding arrangement planning to your hired wedding planners. The idea is very simple you know. But to hire an experienced and auteur of wedding planning is not easy. Whether you want to do a wedding in your hometown or somewhere else out of the city, they can do everything best with perfection without causing any hindrance and trouble.

But hiring a wedding planner is not your lemonade that you squeeze some lemons and gets prepared. It is a harder task because you are going to believe and rely for your wedding on a single person who will be planning the whole wedding and even your money is on bet too. So before you dream of hiring a top wedding planner for your wedding, we are telling some of the best churned out tips for how you should hire a best wedding planner in India and create a wedding memorable.

Listing and filtering: we all know that for a wedding, the budget is the big thing and it cannot be spent just as you eat popcorns however much you have. It needs to be arranged in a way provided it can be adjusted appropriately. And a wedding planner is a master of it. Select and make a list of top wedding planners according to you and filter them out according to your budget. You need to talk first and ask whether they can do the wedding in your budget or not. When you find your match for the wedding, then fix a meeting with him/her for discussion about how your event will go.

Experienced: every bride has a dream about her wedding, how she wants all the things in the wedding whether it is related to décor, food, venue, theme or other props,  a wedding planner needs to understand this and should have the ability to create her vision into the reality. Her every wedding dream should take shape in reality, that ability you must possess. And it all can be done by only that wedding planner who has years of experience and creativity. Here experience counts so you should always hire an experienced wedding planner. That’s why we always talk about this.

Your financial analyst: whether you have the millions amount of money or billions, but there is always a standard budget set for a wedding where it is decided how much amount of money should flow for the wedding. An experienced wedding planner is like a financial analyst who can analyze and tell you where it is necessary and where it is not. So when you hire a wedding planner, check his/her acumen as a well versed financial analyst.    

Meeting/portfolio: fix the meeting with your potential wedding planner and go to meet him/her on scheduled time rather than delaying it and just thinking that it is not necessary. We tell you should not ignore the meeting. In the meeting discuss everything with him/her about the wedding theme, food menu, décor, venue, how much time he/she will take, cancelation policies, contract, staff, vendors, and many other things that you think are necessary to talk about.

You should also see their portfolio of previous work and ask for reviews what their clients have given for the services. A genuine and trustable wedding planner allows you to talk to the previous clients provided you can know more about them.

Hence we have told you about how you should hire a wedding planner for your wedding, the tips are above mentioned. On the other hand, there are many experienced top wedding planners in Delhi that you can hire one according to your budget if your wedding is going to take place in the city.

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