Friday, November 30, 2018

What Food To Prepare For A Baby Shower


A baby shower is a nice little event that can be a bit of a breather for other events. It can be a nice way to introduce your child to the world. As the hostess, you’re going to have to get into the nitty-gritty details of planning the event. This can mean looking at what people have so that the party won’t bump into each other's business.

One of the things that you have to prepare is food. That is unless you went for baby shower catering and just spent the money to avoid about worrying about all of this. Anyway, one of the things that you can clarify is the sort of meal that you’re planning to get.

A simple snack part is different from the attendants having a sit-down meal. Plus, the length of the celebration and time can influence what sort of food you can cook up. Here’s a brief look at some menu choices for the coming baby shower.

What To Prepare For Snacks?

If your baby shower is in between meals, it’s probably a snack time. This means you don’t want something heavy. Just something light to please the palate and a bit of something to drink. Sweets are a good choice. Most of the time, baby showers like this are done during tea time. The expected menu looks something like:

Mini sandwiches
Vegetable or fruit tray with dip
Fruit salad

What To Prepare For Brunch?

If you want to start off the day with your baby shower, timing it for brunch is a nice idea. It’s the middle area between breakfast and lunch, so there’s a hint of breakfast there but also something heavier. Here’s what you can expect to serve:

Muffins with jam
Bagels with cream cheese or lox
Morning juices: orange or apple

What To Prepare For Lunch?

Now lunch baby showers mean that you are timing it for a heavy meal. Everyone will be coming expecting a good spread that will keep them full. This also means that you have a wide range of food styles to choose from. Depending on what you’re planning, you might even have a themed meal that will match the theme of the party. Here’s a look at a sample chicken menu:

Chicken skewers
Chicken salad bites
Grilled corn
Cake for dessert
Healthy juices for drinks

What To Prepare For Dinner?

Dinner is the most complicated meal and is actually not very popular for baby showers. Most dinner baby showers are actually given over to caterers to handle. Personally, I’d do the same. Just talk it over with the caterer on what sort of dinner you want so that it still has your personal touch.

Clear Up That Menu And Celebrate

Baby showers are a great celebration. All you need to do is to clear up what your menu is going to be and you’ll be ready to celebrate.

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