Monday, November 12, 2018

Must-Do Things Before Selling Your Home


Are you thinking of selling your home but are unsure of what you need to do to get it ready for viewing? There are several steps you can take to get your home ready. To help with the process however, you will need to have an objective mind. If you were the buyer, what are some of the things you would look out for? Would they be deal breakers for you?

The Salt Fowler real estate team recommends 11 things you should do when getting ready to put your home up for sale. They are pretty general, and will work in Vernon real estate industry and beyond. Take time to do these are you will be sure of a better deal.

1.      Research the Local Market

Before you begin any preparations, take the time to do a little research of the local housing market. Find out the approximate listing price for your house by comparing it to other real estate sales in your neighborhood. How much did your neighbor’s house sell for? How does the house compare to yours?

2.      Find a Good Property Agent

Finding a good realtor is by far the most important thing when listing your home for sale. Look for one with experience selling in your neighborhood as they are the ones that can give you the best valuation and get you the best deal. The real estate agents in Vernon should give you a plan of how they are planning to go about selling your home.

3.      Declutter the House

Take a day or two to get rid of anything that you do not have immediate need for. The less stuff you have when having a buyer check out your house, the better. Leave lots of space and rearrange furniture to make your home look as spacious as possible. This way it will be easier for buyers to imagine themselves living there.

4.      Repaint the Walls

Next, make sure your walls are in excellent position. Repaint the whole house if you have to – this is an investment that will pay off. If your paint is in good shape, make sure to paint over any scuff marks. Also take time to repaint or repair the exterior walls and repaint if necessary.

5.      Do a Thorough Clean

After decluttering and repainting, comes the cleaning. Try to clean every nook and cranny of your home. If it looks like too much work, you can bring in outside help. Having professionals do the cleaning guarantees you a deep and thorough clean before the house goes on the market. Also make sure curtains and carpets are cleaned too.

6.      Get Rid of Smells

Pay attention to the smells in your home, especially on the day of house view. Do not cook foods with strong smells on this day as they linger for a long time. Also invest in a mild air freshener. Your buyers will appreciate a house that does not smell like a restaurant.

7.      Put Personal Stuff Away

Buyers will have a hard time envisioning themselves in your home if you have personal stuff around. To make it easier for them, remove all your family photos or artwork from the walls, and even your kids’ artwork on the fridge. You can always put it back after the buyers are gone.

8.      Let Each Room Have A Purpose

Let every room in your house have a purpose. Even if you have a spare room that you’ve been using for storage or as an office, help your buyers imagine how they can use the space by staging it. Doing this adds to the value of your home, which means it will sell for more.

9.      Boost your Curb Appeal

Make sure your exterior space is as well taken care of as the interior because it is the part of your home that prospective buyers see first. Invest some time to weed flower beds, trim shrubs, and make sure everything is in order. It would be a pity if a client decides not to enter because of the curb appeal.

10.  Let a Professional Stage Your House

Staging a house is one of the best ways of showing how every space in your home can be used productively. To get the best out of staging through, get a professional to do it. They will provide a wealth of knowledge on the do’s and don’ts, and also give recommendations for what you may need to rent to add appeal to your home.

11.  Get Professional Photos Taken

Now that you have everything set, it is time to have a professional photographer take some good quality shots of your home. Use these to create a good online listing. Most buyers search online, so you should help them ‘see’ your home so they can come for a showing. Your real estate agent should know some good photographers you can work with.

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