Friday, November 16, 2018

Boarding schools and their admission procedures


These days finding the perfect boarding school for your children can never be very difficult. Though all schools are not for every child and it is not the school which choose the chid but it is just the opposite.

When it comes to boarding school admissions one needs to follow a particular procedure which may differ from one school to another. In most cases the admission forms are available online which one has to download and fill it up before submitting. But before that there are some things that one needs to do.

One needs to go to the online website provided by the school and find how the current and the former students are talking about the school. One can also check it from somewhere else if they know someone personally who have already been to that school or their near and dear ones went there. The alumni advice helps one a lot to think about the next stage. Also check the annual school raking of that particular school and their every year board results to find how strong they are academically. If these things match with what the parents want, then they can consider finding more information about the school and doing a thorough research about it.

The parents also want to check the teaching faculties there. The information will be mostly available on the online sites provided by the school. In a good boarding school the teachers will have a proper degree in their related subject and will also have sufficient experience in teaching. Also they should be expert in handling the students and deal with their day to day problems. This is because; in a boarding school the students cannot avail tuition faculties. So, if they face difficulty in any subject they seek help from the respective teachers. The teachers should always be ready to help them.

Does sending your child to a boarding school is really worth it? Well, this has to be decided solely by their parents. If one is sending their child to a boarding school at a very early age then they have to take decision on their child’s behalf because they are not able to take decisions on their own. But if the child is above ten or more years then it is mandatory to know what they want to do. If they are very adamant of not going to a boarding school then the parents should not force them to send there.

One needs to follow accurately the Dehradun boarding school admission procedure and go ahead with that. One needs to download the forms in time and then submit it with proper documents that are needed along with it. Most boarding schools follow their own admission procedures where they conduct their own admission tests. If the child passes that test then only they can join the school.

The parents also need to keep in mind that the boarding school fees are more than the regular day schools as they have hostel facilities.

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