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An idea about pregnancy leukorrhea


The major advantage when you are pregnant would be to keep away from your periods. In case if you are breastfeeding this would work out to be longer as well. What is leukorrhea pregnancy is something that all of us might have heard off. It is a common pregnancy symptom where increase in the levels of white discharge is noticed. One thing for sure this would be the least thing that would be at the back of would be mothers.

What is the main reason for an increase in vaginal discharge when you are pregnant?

The moment you become pregnant the body encourage the production of estrogen hormone. This is a hormone that nourishes and supports a developing baby. The hormone also goes on to increase the production of blood to the pelvic region. It does go on to stimulate the mucous hormones. In case if you suffer from a drippy nose then the pregnancy hormones would be responsible for it as well.  The hormone turmoil that takes place would ensure that the mother feels down then the normal self.

While the increasing levels of discharge could be a definite reason of concern, it is harmless and most cases work out to be normal. What is leukorrhea in pregnancy means it does go on to maintain a healthy PH and the helpful bacteria in the birth canal and vaginal area is removed.

Unhealthy discharge an normal leukorrhea

When normal discharge occurs during pregnancy it may replicate a situation when it occurs as in case of your normal cycle. The leukorrhea is thin or white as well as off white in colour which may or may not have odour. The occasional ones do term to be a bit sticky but you might have to expect something more of it.

If the discharge smells bad or the colour appears to be greenish or yellowish it would be a sign of infection. If you are experiencing symptoms of burning or itching it would be better to get in touch with your doctor. They are going to guide you about the safe medications to be had during pregnancy.

In case if you come across blood it does make sense to get in touch with a doctor straight away. Brown spotting or light pink does seem to be more common when you are pregnant. This would be within a couple of days after an intercourse. Cramping or heavy blood could go on to cause a serious problem. It does make sense to check out with your doctor if you are not that sure about a symptom.
How are you planning to deal with leukorrhea?

You might agree that an increase in discharge levels is normal and healthy in most situations. It would not make you that much comfortable. There are a few tips that can help you with this annoying discharge

·         Make it a point that you wear loose and breathable clothing. A little bit of air circulation might work out in your favour.

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