Thursday, October 11, 2018

Save What You Can: Deleted Data from USB, SSD Card and Hard Drive


Just a little bit of inattention and you lose your data such as photos, music and documents. Choose a rescue tool from the free program as described below.

Just during a moment of inattention when you delete files and empty the trash, and you lose important data. It can be about data on a computer disk, such as photos on a camera's memory card or important documents on a USB key. Fortunately, there are programs with which you can recover or repair your lost data. Imagine those you can use for free. Moreover, learn about hard-to-recoverable data at


With Recuva, you can try to recover deleted files and data from reformatted disks. In addition, Recuva can recover emails from regular mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook Express, Mozilla or Windows Live Mail. And it will help with restoring unsaved Word documents from temporary files.

You can also restore photos, music files, and other portable media and media content. Retrieving thumbnails for selecting recovery files. Recuva works on the contrary - unnecessary data can be reliably destroyed by repeated overwriting. Then do not count on rebuilding them.

Pandora Recovery

Another free-to-use recovery tool is Pandora Recovery. Simply select the entire disk or specific area to search for deleted files, and possibly other criteria. You can search for and recover only pictures, files of a certain size, by date of creation or last change.

For Pandora Recovery, there is no problem finding or recovering hidden, compressed or encrypted files and, if necessary, recovering data from formatted disks. For deleted files, Panda Recovery will also determine the probability of successful recovery. Data recovery from damaged SSD media is not possible with this program. For it you must read further at

EASEUS Deleted File Recovery

You can use EASEUS Deleted File Recovery to recover deleted data from all different formats. You can recover deleted data from both hard disks and various other storage media. For example, a paid version of the program adds support for recovering data from reformatted disks or rescuing virus-infected files.

Avira AntiVir Rescue System

You can also lose access to your data by deleting it. For example, when you start up an operating system, you can use a special startup CD with the Avira AntiVir Rescue System. With the included tools, you can then restore access to hard disk data, discard the virus infection, and restore the boot option to the operating system.

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