Thursday, October 4, 2018

Is battery life affected when I unlock my Galaxy S6?


If you have purchased a Samsung Galaxy S6 at a lower price than the other S6 handsets and it is attached to a particular network with a pre-installed SIM and now you are looking to unlock it, this article is for you. As buyers, you do end up buying phones at a lesser price only if you comply with some particular network offers. Such investments are not uncommon as they are profitable and serve a great deal but at one point of time, you do want to get rid of the previous network and shift to a new one especially if you are shifting to a new country.

In such a case, you will require a unlock code with the help of which you can unlock SamsungGalaxy S6 AT&T from a particular network. However, before looking for unlock codes, make sure your monthly instalments are cleared if the product was purchased on a contract basis and if some company has financed the purchase, then also clear the dues and leave a good account standing. Also, note that your handset must not be associated with any fraudulent activities or must not be lost or stolen. In such a situation, unlocking the phone will be an illegal activity for which you can be penalised.

Unlocking a phone from a network is easy and it will not hamper the phone or its battery life in any way. In some cases, you can avail the service for free by signing up on company websites who provide such services. Or, you can follow the following steps.

1. You can also connect your handset to the computer via a USB cable and reboot your phone before you connect.

2. Once you do that, the website will automatically detect your phone and find out the best unlocking option for you.

3. Use the ‘unlock now’ option and the phone will restart on its own while staying connected to the computer.

4. As your phone restarts, your handset is unlocked and free from the previous network services.

However, most of the customers prefer the IMEI method over this form of unlocking to unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 T-Mobile. In IMEI unlocking method, you need to log into the webpage of the registered company and create an account there by submitting your official email ID and by filling out a form which will have the details of your nationality, the model you are using and the network from which you wish to disconnect. After filling the form, dial *#06# from your handset and note down the IMEI number of your phone. Enter the IMEI number in the form to generate the unlock codes. Submit the form by making e-payment which is nominal and won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Now, wait for three working days to receive the unlock code on your registered email ID. Take off the old SIM card and insert the new one of the network whose benefit you wish to avail. On restarting the phone, fill in the unlock code and get your device unlocked and now you are free to switch to any other network you want.

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