Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Top Tips To Maintain Your Car


All of us begin using a new car with the promise of keeping it in show-room condition for the years to come. But we know that this happens very rarely. There are many reasons including laziness.
If you are determined to keep your car spick and span, here are a few tricks and tips:

·        Protect from sun

It is a good idea to park your car mostly in a garage. If you don’t have garage, a shaded space will suffice to keep the sun at bay. If nothing else works, you can get a plastic covering for your car. After all, your car is also at the mercy of bird droppings and other damage while being parked. Avoid buying dark shades of cars as they attract more dust and heat.

·        Wash regularly

This is surely the best way to keep your car clean and happy. While you can wash the outside daily, you need to take the car to a car wash to wash the underbody of your car. You can consult car wash detailing services.When doing it yourself, wash the car with two buckets- one with clean water and other with soapy water. Scrub gently using clean sponge and rinse using a high pressure water sprayer.

·        Make use of microfiber cloth

It is advised that you must use separate micro-fiber cloths for dusting, interior and exterior. Use separate cloth for dry wiping as wet cloth will leave marks. Regular cloth can be used for cleaning tires. This will help avoid scratches on your car. A micro-fiber cloth will have 30: 70 ratio of Polyamide and Polyester. Buy cloth of different colors to distinguish their use.

·        Fix damaged parts a.s.a.p.

A car with a damaged body with exposed panels is prone to rust fast. Try to get it fixed as soon as possible because not only will it cost more in the long run but also cause a mishap, if damage is to a  critical part.

·        Avoid food and drinks

Simply avoid smoking/ drinking/ eating inside the car. No matter how  careful you are, crumbs from your food are likely to fall and make the car dirty. So also with smoking which leaves a bad odor and drinks that spill and stain the insides. In case damage is done, clean up crumbs and spills as soon as you can. Tip is to keep trash bags, ready in your car for cleaning up.

·        Watch out for dirty shoes

It is quite evident that the biggest source of dust and dirt inside the car cabin is your shoes. While climbing inside your car, make a habit of knocking away the dirt from your shoes, before keeping them inside.

·        Occasional detailing of car

You may like to be a DIY person, but it is always good to get a professional detailing of your car done to keep it spanking new. Such detailing will get rid of minor scratches and blur or dim, the bigger ones. Experts recommend doing this at least twice a year. You can also consider re-coating car with ceramic or glass coating to keep the paint shiny new. Consider this after ascertaining car coating price.

·        Vacuum cabin

However much you try to keep the car cabin clean, your upholstery ( especially those of beige color) tends to attract small dust particles. You can clean up hard to reach spots like AC vents by approaching car service center. You can even do the cleaning yourself using a handy car vacuum cleaner.

These are all some tips for maintaining your car.

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