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Do the Top-Rated Diet Supplements Actually Work!


Forget that everyone needs to "embrace" his or her curves. The truth is, being fat (not the type of fat you can throw a nutrition shake at, high body mass index kind of fat) does increase your risk of some opportunistic diseases, especially fat loving ones like heart attacks.

So as much as people should be encouraged to love their bodies, caution should be made against complacency.

One study by Harvard University found that extra weight was the leading cause of more than 50 health problems. Most of which are the leading causes of death in the US (like diabetics, stroke).

The good news is, losing weight does drastically reduce a person's chances of contacting these diseases. So, care needs to be taken when deciding the type of weight loss program to embark on.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Due to hectic schedules, most people turn to dietary supplements for weight loss to achieve their goals. But do these supplements usually work? Also, how do you even choose since some of the really "best sellers" sometimes have negative reviews.

The first thing to remember is that people have different reactions to different substances. So, a side effect in Mr. X may not be noticed in Mrs. Y Next, you need to check what the active ingredients are in a weight loss supplements for losing weight. And lastly, check the clinical trials that have been held for such supplements.

Take a look at some of the most highly rated dietary supplements for weight loss supplements in the market. Note their ingredients, so that even if you don't end up with any of them, you'll at least know what to be on the lookout for later.

1. Phenocal

Phenocal, made by Pharmaxa labs, is at the top of the list, due to its skillful combination of various natural ingredients, like Chromium, Fucoxanthin, green tea extract and a few others. Hence the active ingredients in just one tablet help in suppressing appetite and boosting your body's energy consumption. All enviable weight loss goals,

This weight loss supplements is so sure of its effectiveness, it has a money back guarantee if you don't lose weight after consistently taking their supplements as prescribed.

2. Green Coffee Plus

Made in the UK, this weight loss supplement for women and men utilizes the caffeine found in roasted coffee and the chlorogenic acid that can be extracted from green coffee beans. This chlorogenic acid, which is lost when processing coffee, is retained when coffee is processed in its natural form. The preserved chlorogenic acid binds with fat, so that it can pass from your body when you're having bowel movements.

3. Lipozene

Main ingredient is glucomannan, which is known for its high dietary fiber. Mimics satiety and suppresses hunger pangs. So even though it isn't really doing anything, it's stopping you from eating whatever you see by tricking you into thinking you're not hungry. And if you have ever tried losing weight, you'll know that half the work is in stopping yourself from putting on extra weight.

4. Phen275

These supplements work by targeting your fat stores and shrinking fat cells so that there won't be any fat around your body's organs. Each tab contains 500 mg of appetite suppressants to help control your poor feeding habits,

5. Garcinia Cambogia Extract

The fruit this is extracted from is native to South East Asia and India. You can see how you'd have trouble eating them naturally, So the extracts are the alternatives to the real thing.
The way the body works, glucose that cannot be broken down, perhaps due to insulin shortages, are stored as fat. Garcinia Cambogia by-passes this conversion to fat step so that your body stores even less fat.

6. Plexus Slim

Plexus Slim is a well-known weight loss supplement. Alpha-lipoic acid is the final main active ingredient in Plexus Slim. It’s an antioxidant that’s actually produced within the body and is contained in every single one of our cells. It’s what helps turn glucose into energy (the alternate option being glucose being stored as fat). We find plexus slim reviews from different users that it has been helping to reduce obesity in obese humans.

Wrapping It Up

As long as you're looking, dietary supplements for weight loss will always keep popping up. Beside that you can take meal replacement shake as a weight loss supplement. The best way to determine which one to choose is to check the active ingredients.

Note that while some of the ingredients in these supplements work really well on their own, they might turn harmful or ineffective when taken with other medications. So, you should always ask your doctor about your weight loss supplements if you are on any medication.

That said, weight loss supplements, when taken right, do have visible effects on their users, just pick the one you think suits you, and give it a try.

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