Thursday, August 9, 2018

ENT Specialist- When to Consult Them

Otolaryngology or popularly known as ENT is that part of medical science which deals with the disorders of ear, nose, and throat along with the connected areas, like head and neck. If you have sinus, clogged nose, pain in the ear that spreads to your head, you need to look for the best ENT hospital in India. Along with treating these areas, they should also be specialized in surgical treatment. Often problems in these areas are ignored at the initial stage. But, you never know when these can be serious and become bigger issues. Also, they can be a sign of something severe. So, if you are facing any difficulties in your nose, ear, and throat, this is the time to consult an ENT specialist immediately.

Conditions When You Should Visit an ENT Specialist

Ear, nose, and throat are the parts of your upper respiratory system. These three body parts are grouped together as they share the common mucus membrane and the similar anatomy. Therefore, when one part is infected, it is possible that the infection spreads to other areas faster. So, if you have problems in any part of the area, you should consult an ENT. When will you need to do that? Read on to know more-

1.      A sore Throat

This is a common problem for kids as well as in adults during season change. This happens due to cold and when you suffer from flu. Along with that, you will also suffer from a cough, sneezing and running nose. A sore throat can be also caused by bacterial infection and GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease). If you suffer from a prolonged sore throat that doesn’t go within few days and your voice gets affected, it is time to visit an ENT.

2.      Sinus Problem

People often suffer from sinus pain, but ignore it at the first stage. Actually, sinusitis is the congestion in the areas behind your eyes, ears, forehead, and nose. Sinus problems aggravate due to an allergic reaction that restricts normal nasal congestion and causes drainage. Sinusitis may cause severe pain in your head, forehead, cheeks, eyes, and nose. You should consult specialist to get relief.

3.      Congestion

Allergies are one of the most vital reasons for congestion. Apart from allergies, congestion may also happen due to hay fever, or dust, pollutants, pollen and other environmental factors. Due to viral and bacterial infections, you can also suffer from nasal congestion. If congestion stays for a longer period, it may cause deviated septum and that may require immediate medical attention.

4.      Nasal Polyps

When large and swollen fleshy part grows inside of your nose that means you are suffering from nasal polyps. If you have it, the airway gets blocked and that cause difficulty in breathing. The problem aggravates during sleeping and you end up in snoring. To find out why you are suffering from this, you should consult an otolaryngologist.

Here are certain situations which may need medical supervision. So, when you suffer from any problem regarding your nose, ear or throat, you should not ignore and consult an ENT specialist.

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