Monday, July 30, 2018

Everything You Need To Know While Launching An Ecommerce Website


If you are planning to open an e-commerce site for your online business, you must learn a few things beforehand to help you work better. According to online shopping survey reports, more than 50% of customers prefer purchasing online.
Two things that you need to take care of are, domain name and finding a URL. And you must pick unique names for your site. But it does not end here. For a professional e-commerce site development, you must follow consider certain factors.

Let's see the factors contributing to an e-commerce site:
Best Platform
There are many platforms to choose from to start your site development. These platforms play the major role as they are responsible to deliver great shopping experience. Magento is a popular open source e-commerce platform that is flexible for both B2B and B2C online business. With Magento design, you can actually create a dramatic e-store including many features. This open source framework is free and you can have creative control. You can change the look and design as per your preference. Moreover, you can control things such as plugins, hosting and theme changing.
Home Page Look
Your Home Page of the e-commerce site is the storefront that showcases promotions, new items and also gives the vibe of the entire website appearance. Use relevant images and content to engage customers and avoid using too many ads that create distractions. In order to create a great e-commerce site, you need to hire a professional content writer and SEO experts who will be able to give great content and optimise your web pages respectively. Through website content, you can input relevant and useful keywords to boost your visibility and draw more sticky menu.
Remember that the home page is your gateway that interacts with the shoppers and introduces them to items you are selling. Therefore it has to be a powerful tool to grab the attention of the buyers.
User Interface
Try to understand from a buyer's perspective. If you happen to shop online and cannot reach the specific page you want to even after three clicks, would you like to continue? Probably, not. This is because we all want smooth working without any waste of time. Furthermore, a buyer usually, loses interest when they face an e-commerce site that is not user-friendly. For instance, if you are using the Magento platform for site development, then make sure that the Magento design is functional and technically sound that will give the users a great experience and not a frustrating one.
Checkout Factor
You may want all your buyers to register first to make a purchase, but not everyone will do so. Many do not prefer registration. So you must give your buyers the option of guest checkout. In order to increase your future sales and to draw the same customer, you can add a link for registration on the order success page.
Follow these simple guidelines to get an amazing e-commerce site for your online business. For more information, consult a qualified website developer and designer who will successfully create a suitable site as per your business objectives.


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