Monday, July 16, 2018

Dan DeKoter Attorney – Factors Patients Need to Consider When Filing Medical Malpractice Lawsuits

Most people regard doctors to be respectable professionals. Some even consider them to be the pillars of society. They take the Hippocratic oath to uphold certain ethical standards when they serve the community. However, there are cases where such medical experts have been negligent in their responsibilities to their patients. Due to this, these individuals generally sustain serious injuries or harm. In the worst-case scenario, it even results in their death. In the United States, it is possible to hold such specialists accountable for their actions in a court of law. Experts in the legal profession refer to such lawsuits as ‘medical malpractice’.

Dan DeKoter Attorney – What patients need to know about medical malpractice cases

Dan DeKoter is a prominent attorney from Osceola County in the United States. He has valuable years of experience under his belt dealing in complex lawsuits. He specializes in the fields of real estate management, civil litigation, employment and corporate law. He has a reputation in the market protecting the interests of his clients in the cases he takes up. No wonder he is the most sought-after legal expert in the counties of Sioux, Lyon, O’Brien and Dickinson. Even people from Minnesota seek his counsel and services. He has the honor of being a member of Iowa State Bar Association Legal Forms Committee.

The Dan DeKoter Attorney team of professionals says people who intend to file medical malpractice lawsuits need to consider the following important factors:

1. Legal costs

All cases pertaining to civil litigation are generally every expensive. Medical malpractice lawsuits are not an exception to this generally rule. Moreover, there is hard and fast rule that the jury will give a judgement in favor of the plaintiffs. This means there is not guarantee that they can claim the amount of compensation they seek from the Courts. They also have to bear in mind that the legal representative they hire will also ask for advance payments.

2. Accuracy and validity of the evidence

The Courts can convict a doctor of offences relating to medical negligence. However, the person filing the lawsuit need to produce accurate information and reports to prove this fact. Such evidence such convince the judge and jury in no uncertain terms that the medical professional’s guilt. Only then will they give a judgement in favor of the plaintiffs. This can prove to overwhelming for patients seeking justice on this account.

3. Emotional preparation

Experts within the legal professional admit that medical lawsuits are generally time-consuming. In many cases, it takes years before the plaintiffs receive any kind of compensation for their doctor’s negligence. For many patients, this can be emotionally exhausting.

4. Selecting the right legal professionals

Patients filing lawsuits pertaining to medical malpractice against their doctors need to choose their attorneys carefully. Such professionals need to have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to deal with such cases. Only they can ensure their clients get the results they are looking for.

The Dan DeKoter Attorney team of professionals admit lawsuits relating to medical malpractice is generally difficult for Courts to decide. Moreover, patients need to file such cases within a specific timeframe according to statute of limitations. Even research show the conviction rate of doctors in such cases is only 21%. However, this does not mean such victims will not get justice. They just have to keep in mind the above 4 factors.


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