Thursday, May 24, 2018

Taking Help of Technology to Make Charity Better- Helping A hero Shares A Story

As time has progressed, the technology has taken the big bold step in making their presence felt in every single way possible. Each and every professional field they have put their step, has felt the presence, and philanthropy has not been left out as well. Before technology and social media evolved, conventional philanthropy was too mainstream and restricted. Be it for the veterans, or for the little underprivileged children, the elite corporate houses donated their worth in the favorite charitable institution. And when these big shots in Houston had earned and accumulated a huge sum of money for the entire stretch of their life, they opted for philanthropy as luxury.

Helping A hero is a name in the world of philanthropy that many are aware of. And this recognition has come from the immensely dedicated work that they have been doing for quite some time. Led by Meredith Iler, this name has turned out to be the savior of thousands of destitute at various point of life. Even she has said that philanthropy has now turned out to be egalitarian.

Now it has turned out to be easier for the NGOs and non-profit institutions to come up and reach out to the widest scale of people from any socio-economic background you speak of. Earlier, there were board meeting held to decide which NGO to donate. But now, technology has made so easy that people can involve themselves into any noble cause sitting in their own place and in creative ways.

Now people do not have to think of what kind of resource they have to donate. All you need to have is a social passion to come up and donate. If you want to pay in cash, you can do it easily. And in case you do not have cash, but a spare home to donate, you can very proceed with the same. But along with it, there are certain demands on the part of the donors as well. They want clarity from the organizations’ end too. They want to know where their donation is being utilized and how they can help in doing some good to the community. And this can be done only with the help of technology. There are tools developed which actually helps the donors see how their donation has left an impact in the society, and how it inspires so many more in doing the same.

There has been a great initiative taken by the Governments across the globe as well. Meredith from Helping A hero says that not only the reporting rules have become stricter, but there are certain laws and regulation too set by them. Cloud based accounting and reporting software have worked to bring in transparency in every single donation that comes in. It is great news for a generation who wants to come up and help the society out in their own ways.

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