Thursday, May 24, 2018

Sadigh Gallery Offers Authentic Ancient Art and Artifacts


It is a passion or hobby for many people to collect ancient artifacts in order to decorate their home. The monarchy of collecting artifacts comprises such a broad field and as a result, demands a very large variety of knowledge and education for both the collecting buyer, and the dealer. This is because there are many ancient art and artifacts available in the market which are fake, scam, and not authentic.

Sadigh Gallery: The hub of authentic ancient art and artifacts

It is the fact that when one sees or holds an absolutely stunning artifact of the earlier period, their excitements and joys know no limits but that should not be the reason for the disruption from being intelligent and analyzing its genuineness. It is important to keep in mind that the dealers of these antiques have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves to fool the customers easily by offering them fake products. It is because of the continued existence of such fraudulent business people that one needs to buy such things from trustworthy and reputed sources such as the Sadigh Gallery.

This Gallery of Ancient Art houses a wide-ranging collection of authentic museum quality artifacts which include jewelry, ancient coins, top selling items, American, African, Asian, Anatolian, Assyrian, Bactrian, Babylonian, Byzantine, Celtic, Canaanite, Cycladic and many more. The collection found at this Gallery includes numerous quality artifacts of ages and cultures, including both the Old World and the New World.

To recognize authentic artifacts in addition to not to get scammed or ripped off when buying from vendors or dealers, it is important to check with a trustworthy archeologist. It is undoubtedly quite hard to determine whether an artifact is authentic just by looking at it, so the best thing that can be done is to take the object to an archaeologist and get it authenticated.

Each object the Gallery sells comes with their Certificate of Authenticity that each piece is absolutely guaranteed to be authentic and has a return opportunity for any reason. This is no doubt one of the largest online antiquity galleries with more than 13107 items to choose from. With more than three decades of flourishing business in antique work of art dealership, it is no doubt one of the most reliable companies.

Sadigh Gallery is a family owned art gallery that specializes in coins and ancient artifacts from across the globe. The gallery has been established as a small mail order company in the year 1978 which was managed by Michael Sadigh. Post getting much success, in the year in 1982 it was shifted to the current location at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. A large portion of the customers have been with this gallery for over ten to twenty years and they are no more just customers to then instead they have become good friends and business partners. This gallery takes pride in offering quality service to each and every one of the customers, as they understand that their main aim is to offer top quality services.

This gallery represents virtually every culture all through recorded history, from Europe to Africa, South America to Middle East. Starting from the serious collector of antiquities to the individual looking for a single piece to complete their home decoration every antiquity in their collection is accompanied by a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity and added information and documentation regarding the individual artifact and its culture.


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