Tuesday, May 15, 2018

“Good Health” Todays Greatest Need


Health is further than an external aesthetic appearance or a good or a bad feeling. Health is the comprehensive condition of who we are as a human being. In actually, true health is the junction of our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social state at one time. Human health cannot be unconnected from the healthiness of our total environmental biodiversity. Human beings live in an inter-reliant existence as if we eat infectious or bad food it affects our health. Health is vibrant condition follow-on from a body's steady adaptation and adjustment in response to changes and stresses in the atmosphere for keeping an inner equilibrium.

Everyone wants good health rather it is a man or a lady and today people give more emphasis on a women health because if a women’s health is good, she can take care of her family and work. So, here are some Health Tips for ladies in Hindi which they should admire:

Boost up with Exercise

Exercise has a lot of health benefits and also reduces the risk of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, and other health problems. Nowadays heart disease is one of the most common diseases amongst ladies, but ample of exercise can help you in prevention form the heart disease. The exercise also works as antidepressant medication and improve the mood of depressed people. You just need to do 30 minutes exercise daily to keep yourself healthy and energetic. Aerobic exercises like swimming, walking, dancing, jogging, bicycling etc. are good for a women’s health, especially for their heart.

Stay Connected

 Keep a connection with your friends and family via phone or social media as it reduces your stress and the risk of heart stroke.

Up your Calcium

To cope up with your daily routine of taking care of family and kids and business of business women a lady needs great power to manage all these things and for this, her bones should be strong. So, try to have enough calcium products in your daily diet.

Have Massage

Most of the studies prove that the anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure can be reduced through massage and with this it drop the stress level and build up immunity.

Have Fun with Sun

Daily take a sunbath of 15 minutes to 20 minutes without using sunscreen, it will provide you with an adequate amount of Vitamin D. Sufficient quantity of vitamin D in your body may deflect diabetes, high blood pressure, heart failure, heart attacks, heart disease, and common cold also. Vitamin D also helps in prevention of health problems like respiratory tract infections, asthma and other persistent lung conditions. But do not expose for long in front of the Sun because it can cause skin cancer. Some people adopt a myth that drinking and eating a good quantity of milk and fish will provide sufficient Vitamin D but this is not true, to come out of this myth you can seek help from Health magazines in Hindi.

So ladies take care of yourself because if you are fine, you can give your best.


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