Thursday, April 19, 2018

Send transactional sms: Essential things to know

It is the desire of every individual to eliminate those unwanted messages that appears in the inbox column of the mobile phone. At the same time, no one will like to miss out on those important messages, such as the bank balance, PNR Number, order information, etc. Such messages are generally not promotional in nature.

As the the technology improve Organizations have realized the fact that sending blunt promotional messages will only lead them to be seen as spam by the recipients and end up in the trash and subsequently get deleted. Hence, they try to devise different ways by which the promotional message sent by them is not only informative, but also useful and sounds interesting.

Such messages are generally sent to pass on useful information about the services rendered by the business or the new products launched. Trying to send transactional sms does help the organization to benefit immensely.

The SMS services do ensure that the information given by their corporate clients are delivered to their intended recipients on time. It also includes those mobile phone users who have activated their ‘Do-not disturb’ services.

Difference between transactional and promotional SMS service

According to the industry experts, the basic difference that exists between both is that the latter is used to promote services and goods. However, with the mobile phone user activating ‘do not disturb’, such messages do not get delivered.

On the other hand, transactional sms offered by the reputed and well established transactional sms gateway provider India is used to deliver crucial information. With this service, users can be sent across messages from banks pertaining to their bank balance, online companies mentioning about product dispatch details, etc. Such messages are even sent to those phone users having activated the ‘do not disturb’ category. It is undoubtedly the most vital benefit to be availed from this service.

Why transactional services are considered to be better?

  • Deliver urgent messages to people in huge numbers becomes much easier with this service, since they come with 100% instant delivery.
  • There is available push delivery report choice.
  • Such messages could be sent across to any place and at any point of time or location, without any hassle or worry.
What is the requirement to derive transactional message service?
  • Quick SMS delivery
  • Real time report pertaining to message delivery
  • High delivery ratio
Know the different uses
  • Confidential financial information: Helps to inform clients about cash transfer and payment details.
  • Educational messages: Informs students and parents about fees, attendance, along with relevant information.
  • Booking information: Send across information with regards to doctor and business appointments, booking of gas. It also offers information about ticket booking.
  • Ecommerce information: It offers information on order return, order delivery and order confirmation. It is used for online shopping applications to help the customers to stay updated with regards to product delivery.
  • OTP verification messages: Such messages are sent by organizations for phone number verification purpose.
Discussing with the reputed provider can help to understand the benefits much better.

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