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Root Canal Therapy Procedure


Knowing everything about your teeth and mouth's conditions or situations is fascinating. For example, root canal therapy is a dental treatment after a tooth dies. We are here to explain more about this condition and help you understand this process better. Note that when a tooth dies, it produces pus because your white blood cells or immune system fight against the bacteria, so there will be dead cells, blood, etc, in the pulp, which causes an abscess underneath. Sometimes, when a tooth dies, not necessarily having any bacteria, it will cause periodontitis. Then, it is possible to see the dental abscess. Some ask why my general dentist says it is impossible to save the tooth by dental filling. Is it required to execute root canal treatment? Dental filling may need to be clarified for some patients. Dentists didn’t mean their teeth could not be saved via dental filling, but they told me it was insufficient. Stay with us for more information.

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How Does a Dentist Perform the endodontic Treatment?

During the first step of root canal therapy, the dentist must fix your dental pulp, which is one of the most vital steps of root canal treatment. In the following, the dentist has to improve your dental roots in the first place. According to an endodontist near New Westminster, fixing dental roots is essential before the beginning of dental filling process. Remember that dental filling is only suitable for improving the dental enamel and dentin. We mean the dental filling process cannot fix the dental pulp. 

Generally, when your dental pulp gets affected, dental filling cannot be enough. The dentist needs to fix the dental pulp, too. After the root canal treatment, your dentist can perform the dental filling to fill the existing hole in your tooth. 

Root canal treatment has a particular procedure. As we said, you will need root canal treatment after the death of your tooth because there are bacteria in your dental pulp. Moreover, it can be a dead pulp too. 

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Is Root Canal Therapy Necessary?

The answer to the above question is yes. Root canal treatment is also one of the essential and practical dental treatments. This dental treatment can control dental or oral inflammation. In this condition, blood flow continuously enters, and your tooth and oral tissues will heal. 

It is essential to know that bacteria multiply, and even dead blood can produce bacteria, so they continuously reproduce during your dental issue. The bacteria won't leave your tooth if you insist on just dental filling without root canal treatment.

This existence of bacteria can cause the pressure to increase, so what happens can hurt more. Sometimes, it can cause oral swelling in the face because the bacteria won't leave the tooth. 

This dental issue can go through your jaw bones, so it causes your face to swell up even more than a dental abscess. This is why general dentists persist on root canal treatment and believe dental filling is insufficient. 

As a final note, your dentist has to fix the dental pulp; this is the reason for calling it root canal treatment. Find the best dentist to perform this treatment for you.        


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