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Can Smokers Get the Dental Implant?


You, as a smoker, may want to know how the dental implant process works for smokers and whether it can be as effective as demanded. Are you still a smoker looking for an excellent replacement method for your lost tooth? No matter if you have missed a tooth or damaged one, you can get help from an implant for a better dental appearance. An implant is a good option. You only need to consider some critical points and try to find an excellent cosmetic dentist to perform this process for you. An excellent cosmetic dentist will explain how smoking affects and results in your mouth and how it can affect the implant process or success rate. When you smoke tobacco or cigarettes, the heat from the smoke damages the soft tissues in your mouth. It also creates a dry environment within your mouth. Stay with us for more information about this process. 

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How Does Smoking Affect Dental Implant?

Since smoking restricts saliva production within your mouth, you will feel dry after smoking. It also reduces the saliva health level. It is important to have enough saliva to flush away and kill bacteria that form plaque.

If you don’t clear or clean the bacteria regularly, its accumulation is the primary cause of dental decay and gum diseases. As a professional working in a reliable dental implant center in Vancouver explains, smoking has terrible effects on dental implants because it can cause multiple dental and oral issues. 

For example, gum disease is an inflammatory disease that slowly destroys the soft and hard oral tissues that support teeth early. Moreover, gum disease is often painless, and signs may include the following: 

  • Bleeding gums

  • Calculus

Never leave your gum diseases untreated because your gum will recede over time, and eventually, you will lose your teeth because your teeth become wobbly in this condition. Eighty-five percent of smokers have these issues, along with dental infections.

They also have a higher risk of developing gum disease. Therefore, it is vital to control your smoking habit if you are going to get an implant. Smoking can waste your health and money.

Dental implant center in Vancouver

Is Dental Implant Good for Smokers?

Since an implant is a stable and robust dental material, even smokers can get it, but it is better to quit smoking after getting an implant. Smoking reduces your saliva's role in protecting teeth and gum and negatively impacts the body's immune response in the mouth.

Smoking causes blood vessels in the mouth to constrict, which limits blood flow. All these issues happen due to smoking. So try to stop smoking for your dental and oral health and enjoy your beautiful smile after getting an implant.

This habit can even reduce the blood supply and the altered immune response. Giving up smoking can prepare your mouth for the implant effect. You can experience the healing process by reducing and stopping smoking.

It is even possible to heal your gum disease after stopping smoking completely. Unfortunately, smoking accelerates gum diseases and increases the risk of oral and dental infections. Placing an implant in a smoker's mouth won't get the demanded result of a nonsmoker. We recommend you stop smoking and then get an implant.


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