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All about Indoor Stair Lifts



A stairlift is like a motorized chair that moves on a rail attached to your stairs. It's a really easy and affordable way to make your home safer and easier to get around. Basic ones, also called stair chairs, cover two floors. But there are fancier ones, called curved stairlifts that can handle trickier stairs or go to more than two floors.

Putting in a stairlift means no more worries about stairs and a big drop in the chance of falling. It's best if the person using it can get on and off the chair by themselves or with a little help from a walker or cane. But if someone's in a wheelchair, a stairlift might not be the best fit.

The stairlift runs on a motor powered by a battery system. It charges up automatically, either through the rail or in charging stations placed at the top and bottom of the stairs. The cool thing about this battery setup is that the lift can still work a few times, even if the power goes out.

A stairlift goes by many names—stairlift, stair chair, chair lift. All these designs are pretty similar from different makers: a seat on a moving part that runs on a rail along the stairs. We've got some great tips on this website to help you pick the right stairlift for your needs and your staircase setup.

Types of Stair Lifts

Indoor Stairlifts mainly come in two types: straight ones and curved ones.

A straight stair lift works for stairs that go straight without any turns or landings. But if your stairs bend or have a turn, or if you want the lift to park out of the way, that's where a curved stair lift comes in. The main difference between them is how the rail is designed. But most other parts of these lifts are pretty similar.

Straight stair lifts are pretty standard and usually don't need much adjusting for your home. They cut the rail to fit your stairs, and that's about it. Sometimes, they do this before installing, or they might do it while setting it up at your place.

Now, curved stair lifts are more customized. The manufacturer builds the rail to match your stairs' curves and size perfectly. This takes longer because they're making it just for you, ensuring the best fit possible.

Some stair lifts work outdoors, both straight and curved ones. However, not all lifts are made for outside use. If you're putting a lift outside, remember they need more care to handle things like rain or salty air.

How an Indoor Stair Lift Works

Stairlifts rely on a fundamental mechanism known as the rack and pinion system. This system operates through a motor that engages a gear, which in turn guides the chair's movement along the rail. Ensuring safety, an overspeed governor regulates the speed, preventing any swift downward movement. Crucially, the motor draws power from a rechargeable battery, which conveniently charges using regular household power outlets. This design not only facilitates smooth and controlled movement but also provides a reliable and uninterrupted operation, enhancing the user's confidence and safety while navigating the stairs.


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