Sunday, April 23, 2023

Jason Wible Frenchcreek Speaks on the Importance of Adopting Full Body Harness


Workers involved in jobs that need them to work at height happen to be fairly dangerous due to the chances of falls which is one of the primary causes of workplace injury and death. Here comes the significance of adopting the appropriate safety measures one of which is wearing of full-body safety harness. According to the version of Jason Wible Frenchcreek, considering the regulations of OSHA for operating at height apart from providing workers with safety harnesses, employers must arrange proper training, inspection, and maintenance of them to ensure the absolute well-being of their workers.  

What exactly is Full Body Harness?

A full-body harness is an advanced class of personal protective equipment that has been engineered to deliver fall protection for employees when they work at height. The device aims to allocate the force of a falling individual across the body while letting the body suspend upright before hitting the ground. This is how the equipment helps avoid serious injury or even death of workers as an upshot of fall. Typically, a PPE is made of heavy-duty webbing material consisting of duel shoulder straps, and duel leg straps with a chest strap. It also features a back D-ring - used to fasten the safety harness to a lanyard and others components of the fall arrest system.

Boost employee confidence  

Working at a height which is a common experience for people who work on flat or sloppy roofs, scaffolds, and walls of the high-rise is highly risky. Outfitted with a safety harness makes employees work with higher confidence and mental peace. With proper safety tools and measures in place let they concentrate on their work without having the concern of being injured due to a sudden trip and fall.

Avoid hefty penalties and workplace litigation

On the other hand, employers know well that violation of regulations set by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and negligence in adopting safety harnesses or avoidance of providing necessary training to workers about the techniques of wearing the safety tool, etc. can end them paying a hefty penalty. Moreover, carelessness to implement the necessary PPE for the employees causing major injuries or death can lead to litigation while interrupting normal workflow and loss of reputation in the industry. All these unwanted hazards could be avoided simply by adopting the safety harness and undertaking necessary safety measures, says Jason Wible Frenchcreek.

Ease of Functioning

When a safety harness is appropriately worn, workers can perform their job with more ease and comfort. Workers should be provided with safety harness matching their body types. This will help workers to carry out their job without feeling obstacles as the straps fit securely and properly on their shoulders, waist area, thighs, and torso. Many activities demand workers to take awkward postures to perform the job. Using safety harnesses will make performing these jobs easy without having to take any risks when they work in elevated areas. According to Jason Wible Frenchcreek, all these advantages of adopting safety harnesses will make workplaces safer, and more productive.  


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