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What Are Fold Down Bollards



Safety is the utmost priority for everyone. Whether of your own, your property, or your vehicles, they all are at the risk of burglary. Hence, it becomes a complicated task to slice down bollards to keep your property and vehicle safe. Rather than dwelling on definitions, a post surrounding the front of shops, parking lots, and more that offers security to safeguard patrons is defined as a bollard. They might look like a modern tool for an old age problem, but they have been around for over 200 years. In past times old cannons were used as bollards, but their use has evolved accordingly. Likewise, changes in time changed the use of bollards, which leads us to have their different variations today.


Types Of Bollard

Different styles of bollards are available in the market and online. From mechanical to the pedestrian to fixed or collapsible, their availability is in different variations. To achieve a balance between safety and accessibility, fold down bollards are the ideal choice. Being easy to use in driveways, private parking spaces, and more, they are accessible at every spot. Many UK websites offer a great range of bollards ready to be delivered at your doorstep, with many designs to choose from. Easy to install and doesn't require tarnishing your area's look, that makes them the reason for the first choice among many. The name itself specifies that they can easily be lowered out of the way if required, providing an alternative to standard street bollards. It's frustrating for everyone if someone takes their space, especially when parking space is limited, and we have to pay for the privilege; hence these flexible posts come in handy.


What Should You Consider When Deciding To Buy A Fold Down Bollards?

Bollards are used to prevent vehicles from entering your property or parking lot. However, when it comes to deciding on the bollards for your property, there are some things that you need to do before you buy them. It means that you will have to consider determining the number of sections you need, the different types of bollards that you will use, and the materials you will use to make them.


Installation Process

Installation of Fold Down Bollards is an easy process. Anyone can install them until they possess general ground working abilities. Decide your spot first to mark out the pre-drilled holes for the bollard and then drill down as per need. Once it's done, you can easily tight the fixings into place, and your spot is ready to use with a key to unlock and fold down when the area is to be used and lock again by pulling the rod upwards to secure the place for future use.



Availability of choices and the offers to choose from can easily confuse you, so pick the one that best fits the requirement. For example, heavy-duty steel made might fit for public space, but a medium-sized stainless steel post is what you might need for your private space. Before making the purchase, always mark down your essentials so that the money is worth spending and the product is worth having.


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