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10 period hacks to help you make your periods less painful and messy


When it comes to periods, all women face different difficulties. Some suffer from severe mood swings, while others suffer from cramps and excessive flow. Then there are those who are affected by both. But if there is one problem that all women face, it is staining. We know how inconvenient it is to have to inspect your clothes every time you get up from anywhere, or to wake up to a stained bedsheet. Removing period stains from clothing is another hassle altogether. While it is PMS symptoms and causes are unavoidable most of the times, there can be a few hacks that can help make periods less stressful. Here’s taking a look at 10 period hacks every girl should know. 

1.       Overnight pads

In comparison to ordinary pads, overnight pads absorb more blood. As a result, using them may assist you in avoiding leaks. While one should last an entire night, it all depends on your own preference. If you have a lot of flow, put an extra pad in the back or front of your underwear, depending on your sleeping position. Always keep in mind that the longer the pad, the better. Or you could simply opt for the Kotex overnight panty that will solve all your staining woes. 

2.       Period sheets

For various reasons, we all have sheets we don't like. Use these as "period sheets" anytime you know your menstruation is near. So even if you stain them, there will be no loss of affection. If possible, choose dark bedding to make stain removal easier. 

3.       Wear two panties to avoid staining

If you sleep with a pad, you're familiar with the difficulty of your pad moving left and right while you sleep. Wearing two panties allows you to keep the pad in place and prevent it from moving as you sleep. 

4.       Period undies

Period panties, like a built-in pad in your underwear, are specifically intended to absorb blood. These underwear can be worn as a backup so that if there is a leak, the underwear will absorb it. You can also use the Kotex overnight panty to avoid making the entire process messy and uncomfortable. 

5.       Change your pad/tampon before going to sleep

Before you go to bed, change your pad or put a new tampon. If you're still using a tampon or a menstrual cup and aren't sure about your sleep schedule, switch to a pad shortly before bed to avoid toxic shock syndrome. 

6.       Sleep in a comfortable position

It's critical that you sleep comfortably for two reasons: 1. It aids in you falling asleep faster. 2. It prevents you from shifting your position repeatedly. As long as you are comfortable, there is no such thing as a correct or incorrect position. Less movement ensures that your pad is in the proper position, preventing leaking. 

7.       Drink a lot of water

While menstruating, you frequently overlook the significance of hydration. Water helps to ease period pain. Pain is exacerbated by dehydrated uterine muscles. Bloating and menstruation pain can both be reduced by drinking plenty of water. 

8.       Keep a portable heating pad ready

Keep a portable heating pad in your handbag if you need to work during your period. If the cramping become intolerable, pull it out. 

9.       Using lavender oil for relaxing

We often have trouble sleeping peacefully during our periods, and these period hacks will help you with that! To sleep like a baby, use lavender oil. Before going to sleep, place a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow. Lavender's soothing scent helps you forget about your discomfort so you can rest and feel better. 

10.   Start taking pain relievers before your period hits

If your periods are uncomfortable, begin taking pain relievers one day before your period date. Bloating and menstruation cramps can be reduced with a pain reliever. However, they require some time to function. Taking them ahead of time might be prudent.

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