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Multiple types of gear Shaper Cutter for Internal and External Gears



Gear Shaping is a machinery process that applies continuous, flat-surface rotational cutting. Shaping cutting can do an accurate cutting process that delivers a high surface finish for internal and external teeth. The shaping can induce many gear varieties like spurs, helical, involute splines, herringbones, and racks. Gear shaping has the benefit of generating teeth near the shoulders, which hobbing cannot do. Similar to gear hobbing, this gear shaping is deemed a generating technique, but shaping depends upon the motion of a cutter scaled on a gear blank and cutter spindle held on the fixture or an arbour on the work spindle.

Various manufacturers of gear cutting tools, those company is supplied all types of advanced machines and technology. The shaper cutters are utilised to trim the teeth of Gears. Borders of the gears are more acute. Manufacturers can supply different types of shaping like helical, chain sprockets and involute splines. They can also manufacture gear shaper cutters according to buyer-specific drawings.

Different types of shaper cutters 

       Disc type shaper cutters:

Disk-type cutters are prepared to cut internal and external Gears. This cutter is used to cut serrations, splines, and many different intricate shapes. Cutters are obtainable in tip-relief, semi-topping and protuberance. All types of coatings are possible as per requirements.

       Hub-type shaper cutter:

 Shank Cutters are approved for cutting extended face width or coarse pitches. Shank cutters are fabricated with high-grade imported raw materials.

       Shank-type shaper cutters:

These Shank cutters are primarily used for engraved internal gears with small diameters. Shank cutters are utilised for any machine's perfect or proper, fast shaping.

       Helical Shaper Cutters:

Helical gear cutters are commonly employed in vehicle gearboxes. Manufacturers made these cutters in both single and double spiral cutter forms. The manufacturers provided these gear shaper cutters based on their customers' drawings and specifications. Shaper cutters come in various styles, including internal, external, hub, and shank.

       Timing pulley Shaper Cutters:

Timing Pulley Cutters are obtainable in different ranges and modules. These shapers are supplied in diverse profile features like semi-topping, tip-relief and many other forms. Various kinds of coatings can be applied according to the customer's specifications.

       Chain Sprocket Shaper Cutters:

 Manufacturer and exporter of gear shaper cutters deliver shank-type shaper cutters. All these Cutters are made in American Standards. Aside from chain shaper cutters, manufacturers also provide customised shaper cutters.

       Special Profile Shaper Cutters:

Manufacturers of gear shaper cutters can supply special Profile Cutters. If clients provide particular conditions and drawings, buyers can also send complete details to make with.

       Skiving Shaper Cutter:

These shaper cutters are available in both regular and non-standard profiles and every manufacturer can offer custom shaper cutters in any kind of material and size range.

Shaper cutters are gears with alleviated cutting edges that allow clearance during the cutting operation. Special features include chamfering, protuberance, topping, full radius, and so on. It can be incorporated into the cutter's tooth form. The requirements of the work item will determine these specific qualities.


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