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Does Wisdom Tooth Extraction Need Stitches?


In this method, the dentist first observes the photo taken of the tooth and then injects local anesthesia into the gum area in the next step. Then, unlike the previous methods of using pliers to loosen the root of the tooth, the dentist identifies the distance between the bone and the root with the help of a laser and separates the tooth from the tissue with the help of the laser.

According to a dentist performing affordable wisdom teeth removal Toronto, the laser beam that is used for this treatment method is completely controlled and does not harm the gums in any way. Finally, as a result of using this method, after tooth extraction, the wound is very small, and no stitches are needed. It doesn't hurt, and after a few days, the gums will recover completely.

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How Long Does It Take to Extract a Wisdom Tooth Without Stitches?

The main factor that has made this method popular is not using stitches in the gum tissue and also not feeling pain after tooth extraction. The time required to implement this method of treatment is much shorter, and wisdom tooth extraction can be done easily in one session.

A Complete Introduction to the Extraction of Semi-implanted Wisdom Teeth Without Sutures

This type of wisdom tooth is usually removed from the gum, and the other part remains inside the gum. The advantage of this type of wisdom tooth is that the dentist can see it, and after the necessary examinations, it can be removed with the help of a few simple movements. Remove the wisdom tooth without cutting, even according to the previous methods. Laser can also be used to extract such a wisdom tooth, and as a result of using this method, the amount of pain and bleeding will be much more controlled.

Complications of Pulling Wisdom Teeth Without Stitches

Wisdom tooth extraction without stitches, if performed by a specialist and experienced dentist, will not cause any special consequences for the patient. For this reason, if you choose an experienced specialist doctor, you will not face any consequences and complications of this treatment method, and you can perform the extraction of your wisdom teeth without stitches.

However, if you go to non-authentic centers, there is a possibility of infection, increased bleeding, and damage to the gum tissue. It is possible to implement new methods to extract wisdom teeth without bleeding by a reputable doctor.

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Necessary Care After Wisdom Tooth Extraction Without Stitches

After wisdom tooth extraction, you must observe some important and necessary things so as not to face more serious problems in the mouth and teeth. After wisdom tooth extraction, you can use an ice compress to reduce bleeding and pain; ice can naturally reduce bleeding after wisdom tooth extraction to a significant extent.

Use salt water to clean your mouth and teeth so that the pH of your mouth and teeth is controlled and no infection occurs at the site. Do not forget to eat soft foods and avoid eating and chewing food in the surgical area as much as possible. Avoid it so that the amount of inflammation and bleeding does not increase. Never use a straw to drink different drinks; sucking any drink with the help of a straw can prolong your recovery period and increase the amount of bleeding.


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