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Why to hire private investigator for pre matrimonial verification?



Getting married is the most important decision in a person’s life. If one have a good marriage entire life becomes a bliss and contrary to it a bad marriage brings devastation. One should exercise every possible caution to avoid bad marriages. In many cases people regret, the fact that they didn’t verified about the antecedents of their spouse before marriage. When it comes to marriage, one should not rely on luck alone.  By hiring the services of pre wedding verification agency, one can have peace of mind and be ensured about the authenticity of the match. Hiring a private investigator for pre-marital verification can be a prudent decision for individuals who want to ensure authenticity of their potential life partner before entering into marriage. Professional assistance is always very useful in matters relating to marriage. There are many cases of matrimonial frauds nowadays, so pre matrimonial background check has become all the more important.

Some reasons for which people should consider hiring a private investigator before wedding.

1.       Professional help is always useful. A seasoned PI can do in depth analysis of the marriage proposal.

2.       A PI verifies the personal information of a person, thus ensuring reliability and accuracy of the information shared.

3.       By hiring a PI You get neutral opinion. A PI’s finding is not biased or prejudiced. A PI doesn’t get swayed by emotions, as the person investigated by him is not known to him.

4.       You get the finer details and in depth analysis of the person, whom you are planning to marry. One should have the complete details of the person, with whom he plans to spend the rest of life.

5.       Marriage is a significant decision of life, and knowing that you have taken all steps to verify information about your partner can provide peace of mind

Checks made by a private investigator in background check for matrimony

Pre matrimonial verification is one of the major investigations undertaken by any private investigations company. Pre wedding enquiry, requires a skilled private investigator who can determine the following aspects:-

1.       Permanent and temporary addresses: All the addresses of the person where he/she has been living in the past decades are verified by our PI.

2.       Employment verification: The employment details is another basic check, which is necessary in pre matrimonial investigations. The salary of person is also verified along with other employment details.

3.       Criminal background check: Any person with criminal antecedents can’t become a good life partner, but such person always hide the criminal cases on them. Private investigator dig up these cases.

4.       Behavior Check:  Behavioral disorders are generally an indicator that the person will have compatibility issues after marriage. Violent, aggressive, dominant, argumentative, authoritarian are all traits of behavior which can be found out in a pre-marriage background check.

5.       Alcohol/drug abuse: Alcoholism and drug addictions are also menace. Many people hide their addictions and substance abuse, but a seasoned PI determine them very easily.

6.       Medical history: Ideally a person should discuss health issues firsthand but some try to keep it under wraps.

7.       Sexual Orientation: People with alternate sexual orientation are not a rare breed nowadays. Due to societal pressure such people never admit their sexual orientation, through our enquiry before marriage, we learn if a person is homosexual, gay, lesbian or LGBT.

In addition to these checks a financial investigation is done to see the financial condition and verify the assets of the person. Financial stability is very important in the institution of marriage. One has to determine, if his/her partner will be able to earn and has the potential of giving kids a good upbringing. Additionally social circle and reputation of individual has to be analyzed. Psychological profiling of the individual is also done.

Who should hire a PI for pre marriage verification?

Anyone who has an iota of doubt about the partner, should not hesitate in hiring a PI for pre marriage verification. If the going is too fast and the other partner is insisting on an early marriage, it may be taken as a red flag. If the match is found through any dating or matrimonial site, and there are no common friends and relative, pre marriage verification should not be ignored. If there are any specific doubts or any apprehensions are there, services of personal investigator should be hired. There is no harm in taking the assistance of a professional private detective agency, when your life is at stake.


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