Tuesday, July 11, 2023

The Liberation of Imperfection: Embracing Your Authentic Self


Do you know that the biggest trap in our world is perfectionism? If there is one single cause of all the misery in this world, it is the chase to be perfect. There must be so many places where you have been reading about it. However, in her book, Becoming Flawesome, Kristina Mänd-Lakhiani, takes us on the journey to our true selves. How can we embrace our authentic self that will lead to true satisfaction? The book is worth ten years of therapy. 

The chase for perfection will eventually lead to poor mental health and a lack of personal growth. When we see the world around us, we see people running and chasing success. In this, we see that people tend to be perfect. However, is perfection something that you should chase? We will explore it in detail in the following blog. 

Embracing Imperfections - The Pathway To Add Depth

Why are you running towards being perfect? Do you understand that you are one of a kind in this world? There was no one like you, no one like you, and there will never be someone like you. So embrace your imperfections. Embracing imperfection can help us in personal growth and self-discovery. Furthermore, we can find depth in our personality that will add value to our lives and society. Uniqueness is remembered, and so will you!

Let Go Of Comparison

One of the most critical factors that we should keep in consideration is to let go of comparison. Comparison takes away joy from our lives. When we compare ourselves with others, we eventually move toward judgment. We start judging ourselves and the world around us. As a result, we get into the cycle of chasing perfection and running away from imperfections. Do you think it is the ideal way you are destined to live your life? Well, never! You are supposed to be happy in your authentic self. 

Being Your Authentic Self - The Ultimate Joy

Perfectionism is an illusion created by society around us. So break the shackles; there are some steps that you can follow. First, do not make unrealistic expectations for yourself. You have to realize we all make progress at our pace. Take small steps at your pace and move in your path. However, when you chase perfectionism, you start chasing unrealistic expectations that eventually hurt.

When you start working on your goals, you should celebrate small progress. It is not the destination but the journey that you need to enjoy. Therefore, take your time to cherish those small moments along the way. It is how you will never burn out and always have the zeal to move forward.

Do not think about what others say about you. People will always judge you. However, it is not your responsibility to listen to them. Doing what makes you happy rather than chasing perfection is the ultimate choice.

#BecomingFlawesome With Kristina

Be proud of Becoming Flawesome and embrace your authentic self. You will explore more about it in the book by Kristina Mand Lakhiani. Ensure you do not miss this beautiful journey she takes us along. 


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