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Best places to visit in Bucaramanga

The capital of Colombia's Santander Department, Bucaramanga is a stunning, secure city with wonderful weather. Since it is also a part of the Andes, the area is home to a variety of adventure activities like paragliding and trips to the Parque Nacional de Chicamocha. 

There are several parks and universities in "Buca," as the locals affectionately refer to it, which contributes to its laid-back atmosphere.

There aren't many tourist attractions, but you can keep yourself busy with markets, churches, cultural organizations, and day trips.

Best places to visit in Bucaramanga

Parque Nacional de Chicamocha

The surrounding national park, popularly known as "Panachi," where there are numerous outdoor activities, is easily accessible from Bucaramanga.

The park has lush vegetation, a narrow canyon, and stunning Andean slopes.

For breathtaking views of the canyon, you can ride one of the longest aerial cable cars in the world. Here, you can do rafting, fishing, hiking, climbing, paragliding, kayaking, camping, and spelunking to fill your days. If you want hassle free bookings, then you can use the Spirit airlines manage booking. 

Try the Local Cuisine

Bucaramanga and the Santander Department surrounding it are well known for certain unusual foods and "delicacies." Deep-fried yuca, maize, potatoes, sausages and sirloin make up the greasy dish known as fritanga.

You will find goat meat, commonly known as cabra, on many menus because it is rather popular in this area.

If you're feeling adventurous, try the pepitoria, a rice dish made with stewed goat entrails and blood. If you're just in the mood for meat, however, head to El Viejo Chiflas, which offers sizable grilled platters along with other traditional Colombian fare. You can even use the Spirit airline manage booking section to book the tickets.


This area of Colombia has an abundance of thermal winds, making it the best (and most affordable) location to attempt paragliding for the first time.

Leap off a mountainside to experience both a little adrenaline surge and the relaxing sensation of flight.

Excellent views of the beautiful, green hills below can be had from these initial tandem flights, and don't worry—a qualified pilot will be strapped to you the entire time.

There are places in the country that offer lodging while you obtain your license if you want to take a course to learn how to fly a paraglider yourself. Spirit airlines book a flight option is one of the convenient and the accessible options that you can use if you want to book your tickets.

Day Trip to Giron

A charming tiny colonial village that is about 15 minutes from Bucaramanga is ideal for photos, relaxation, and a leisurely stroll around the central plaza.

Its cobblestone lanes, well-preserved whitewashed homes, and horse-drawn carriages are clear signs that it was the first Spanish community in the Santander region and that it was established in 1631.

A malecon the waterfront promenade, little stone bridges, shaded cafes, and a few quaint churches are present. If you want to book your tickets with the Spirit airlines Reservations then you can do so easily through the portal.


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