Monday, April 17, 2023

Tips To Buy An Aluminum Exterior Crossover Ladder



Climbing up to access tall structures on your roof can be problematic. No worries! You can always choose to install a good quality aluminum exterior crossover ladder when the height is modest i.e. well under 20 feet. It is not unusual to come across such permanent cross-over ladders installed besides vats, tanks, and water tanks. The oil & gas industry frequently uses such ladders to access the top of refineries as well.

It is important to learn about the concerned ladders before investing in the product. It suffices to know that apart from providing roof access from the exterior side, the crossover portion or platform provides a safe path to reach the other section over high-traffic points or areas containing cables and/or industrial structures. The best crossover ladder includes serrated steps that improve firm footing and prevent slips & falls. Deadly accidents are often thwarted courtesy such ladders.

You may select the ladder for your residence or workplace. It is important to remember that the said ladder would have to comply with the “Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)” standards to ensure complete safety for the end-user. Yes! You may be able to obtain similar ladders at a lesser rate. Unfortunately, violating OSHA norms can only jeopardize workplace safety adversely.

Another thing to keep in mind is the necessities that OSHA recommends. You would have to inquire about the following when trying to determine the quality of a product:-

·         1917.118(d)(4)- Check the rung size and opt for a ladder that leaves at least 4 inches of space between the nearest structure and the central line of the rung.

·         1917.118(d)(5)- The right ladder must have a wider gap when it needs to go through walls or pits at a facility. You may request customization to widen the gap or request deflectors to ensure safety

·         1917.118(d)(6) and (7)- The ladder should be secured with a rail on both sides. Be sure to check for the overhead extension of the rail near the landing. It will act as a grab rail thus preventing you or the worker from slipping on the surface. A horizontal incline of 90 degrees is a strict no-no for exterior ladders.  You may want to customize the specifications based on the areas in which the ladder would be used.

·         1917.118(e)(2)- It would be foolhardy to use a cage ladder that exceeds 30 feet. The OSHA-compliant ladder needs to be limited to 30 feet and/or offset horizontally.

·         1917.118(e)(4)- Ask about the manufacturer’s rating and install the ladder according to the specifications that are compliant with OSHA standards.

Ensure that the concerned ladder is capable of the following:-

·         Providing safe access to the roof structures

·         Simple to configure

·         Available in all standard sizes

·         The attachments require no welding of the parts before usage

·         Conforms to the safety standards

·         Slip-resistant

·         Durable

·         Suitable for all types of roof

You may also want to test the aluminum exterior crossover ladder and gauge its efficacy by going through the reviews.

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