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Why Is AMD An Eye Disease Degenerative in Form?



The gift of vision is something to cherish. Unfortunately, there are many factors contributing to reduced acuity of vision and other problems. Visiting an eye doctor is the only way to move forward and have the issue treated.  You may want to be certain that the problems are caused by any type of eye disease degenerative in nature either.

Some of the eye problems that may affect your vision over time include the following. You will be perturbed to know that they are degenerative and cannot be cured fully. On the contrary, you would have to rely on your doctor or eye surgeon as advised and go ahead with the corrective procedure that would help you to manage the underlying condition substantially.

Eye Disease Degenerative In Nature

Age-related macular degeneration is a serious issue that may affect your vision as you advance in age. Surprisingly, you will lose the central vision bit by bit as you progress year to year. However, you may still be able to view things from the side. This is known as a peripheral vision which may not be affected too much.  There is no reason to feel depressed or disturbed. Trust the doctor to assist you even when the degeneration cannot be reversed. You may be capable of managing the condition and viewing objects with the aid of certain tools.

Types of Macular Degeneration

There are two distinct types of macular degeneration that you may experience with aging. The recognized types of age-related macular degeneration or AMD are:-

  • Dry AMD- This condition is quite common and you will find many elderly citizens being diagnosed with it. This occurs when certain parts of the macula become thinner causing the protein to clump together. The small clumps of protein are termed drusen. The central vision is likely to become progressively weaker until it becomes a blind spot. Unfortunately, there is no treatment to reverse this condition.
  • Wet AMD- This type of AMD is not usually observed in senior patients. However, some patients with dry AMD may advance to wet AMD when left undetected and unmanaged. Unfortunately, this condition is more serious than the dry type of AMD. Macular degeneration is characterized as wet when abnormal blood vessels develop under the retina. This results in leakage of blood and a host of other fluids into the macula causing scarring of its surface. Vision loss can happen more rapidly in comparison to dry AMD.

While AMD is considered to be an irreversible and serious degenerative eye disease, there are ways to manage the condition and ensure that your vision is not affected any further. Do not fail to consult an ophthalmologist of repute once you experience failing vision. Delaying diagnosis will not help. Feel free to switch your lifestyle for a better one and find out how our eyes react to exercises and an eye-healthy diet.

It is important not to lose confidence when diagnosed with an irreversible eye disease degenerative in nature. You are welcome to consult experts in the field and try alternative means for the restoration of damaged retinal tissue.


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