Sunday, March 5, 2023

Top Causes Of Emergency Glass Breakages And How To Prevent Them


If you're like me, you've received a very loud knock on your door at 3 AM. Only to find yourself staring in the face at a broken window because of a sudden windy storm or something else that shouldn't have happened. 

There are many reasons why people suffer from emergency glass breakages, but luckily there are ways to prevent them before they happen so that your next time is spent enjoying your home rather than worrying about getting repairs done quickly enough.

Hot weather can cause your glass to break, as temperature changes can lead to the expansion or contraction of the glass. The hotter the day, the faster the temperature will rise, and that means that if you leave your car in direct sunlight for a long period without taking any measures to protect it from heat damage (like putting plastic over the windows), this could be one of those incidents where it happens.

Cold weather also causes problems with windows because they're made of clear glass and not opaque insulating surfaces like foam insulation on walls or roofing shingles, which help keep heat in during cold months but block out cold air in summer months when temperatures drop below freezing point outside but rise above ambient room temperature inside.

Routine Maintenance

       Regularly clean the glass. The more you clean it, the less likely you are to see cracks and breaks in your window pane.

       Check for cracks regularly by holding up your hand at arm's length and looking down through the windowpane, checking for any gaps between each pane of glass. If there are any gaps, replace them immediately (the sooner you replace them after seeing this sign of damage, the easier it will be for new ones).

     If you do find a crack in your window pane, do not attempt to fix it yourself—contact an emergency window repair who can repair or replace that part of your home's structure quickly so that no one gets hurt during repairs.

Doesn't Fit The Shape Of The Hole

       If the glass doesn't fit the shape of your hole, it's not going to work well. You can try to force it in place by forcing down on it or pressing against it, but this will cause a tonne of damage and make your window harder to open and close.

       If you're using a thin piece of glass (like those used for decorative purposes), then chances are that one side will be larger than the other, which might make for an uneven fit when placed into your frame. This can also cause problems if you have multiple panes set together because they won't line up properly, and this could lead to cracks appearing throughout the pieces.


Now that you're equipped with some of the most common causes of emergency glass breakages and how to prevent them, it's time to go back into your home and make sure everything is safe. Don't forget to use tape on any loose edges before leaving or returning home later in the evening when the sun goes down.


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