Friday, October 14, 2022

Useful Tips To Take Care Of Your Russian Volume Lashes



The use of different types of eyelashes such as Russian Volume lashes is quite common to give the requisite volume and shape to the eyes. By using these artificial eyelashes, you may get the desired looks of your eyes and in turn the entire face. Following the attachment of lashes to your eyes, you need to take good care of the same with the help of some simple tips as follows.

Keep Them Safe Against Water For A Day

Once you have got Russian lashes on your eyes, you need to make sure that these are kept safe against coming into close contact with water for at least 24 hours. The glue used to attach the lashes to your eyes may get washed away and you may not get the desired results if your Russian eyelashes come into contact with water due to any reasons.

Steams, Saunas And Other Treatments Must Be Avoided

Apart from protecting the Russian volume eyelashes against water, you also need to avoid steams, saunas and other similar beauty care treatments wherein your face is exposed to any such agents. You must avoid all such treatments for at least two days following the treatment to make sure that the adhesive used for attaching the Russian volume eyelashes stays intact in its place.

Avoid Using Any Beauty Products On Your Lashes

Following the attachment of Russian volume eyelashes to your eyes, you need to be quite careful to avoid any beauty care products on your lashes. You especially need to avoid waterproof mascara and other similar products that may cause unnecessary problems with your artificial eyelashes.

The Use Of Oil-Free Makeup Remover Is Recommended

As far as a makeup remover is concerned, you are advised to use only an oil-free option for the same. You need to remove your makeup quite carefully with a normal makeup remover while protecting your eyes and lashes against coming into contact with the remover.

Rubbing Of Eyes Must Be Avoided

To make sure that Russian volume eyelashes stay protected in their place, you must avoid rubbing your eyes. The lashes need some time to get fixed to the eyes and hence you must avoid rubbing your eyes so that chances of any damage to the eyelashes thus attached may be ruled out.

Dry Pat Your Eyes Following Face Washes

To take well care of your Russian lashes, you must dry pat your eyes following showers or whenever you wash your face. Dry patting allows your eyelashes to stay protected.

So these are some of the simple tips that you need to follow to take care of your Russian-volume eyelashes. It helps in enhancing the longevity of the same and thus you are saved from getting the same replaced with other options for eyelashes quite frequently.


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