Friday, September 16, 2022

Important things You Need To Know About Fors Gold


FORS is a quality management system that ensures that the operators have achieved a certain standard. There are different accreditations offered to the operators, and we have listed them below in the article.


This accreditation is received by a good operator who has achieved the minimum legal standards required.


This is received by good operators who go beyond the minimum standards. They implement a sound management and operation system with good environmental controls.


FORS Gold accreditation is received by only 5% of operators who have achieved a certain standard. It shows the industry that you have excelled in your role as an operator. 

It indicates that you have achieved and surpassed the industry standards in both operating, management, and environmental controls. It shows that you are the flag bearer when it comes to achieving new standards in the industry.

The Gold Accreditation

Achieving FORS Gold is about setting benchmarks to improve your targets, the environment, and the sustainability factors. You would have to start by getting FORS bronze and silver accreditations before you can reach the Gold level. 

There are also several other requirements to pass the Gold stage, and it includes things like maintaining the bronze and silver accreditations, professional development, sustainable operations, etc.

You would need to provide evidence that all the performance data shown in FORS silver accreditation has been improved. Also, it should indicate that the initiatives taken are positively contributing to the overall improvements in performance.

Other progression data are also required here- the data would be the same as Silver accreditation, but it should cover the previous 24 months. It should include several indicators showcasing your performances, like:

       The distance travelled by the vehicle type and the fuel used by it.

       Any incident data or road traffic collision by the vehicle

       The total number of reported injuries, diseases, and any regulations of dangerous occurrences in the incident data.

       Total fines and penalty charges levied on the transportation.

There is formal training which you should undergo before receiving the Gold accreditation. This is for HGV drivers so that they can reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emission. 

Also, a member of the team must be an accredited FORS practitioner or should be working to get the accreditation. To get it one has to attend 10½ days of the workshop.

You must apply for the Gold accreditation when you have 45 days left on your Bronze and Silver certificates. You can apply for FORS gold online and upload all the evidence according to the requirements. 

The process might seem to be daunting but once you are on it, it will be all about improving your overall skills and getting better as an operator.


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