Friday, August 26, 2022

How To Support A Friend With Hearing Loss


Disability of any kind is a challenging experience. It affects the entire life of the sufferer and the ones around him drastically, putting everyone in a situation they do not want to face. The person has to learn to be comfortable with the flaw, and people around have to learn to make it all smooth and convenient for them.

One such disability that becomes a challenge is hearing loss. It can be by birth, or people may lose their hearing ability due to some life-threatening incident. Moreover, sometimes hearing loss happens due to age factors. The elderly lose their hearing sense due to many reasons, and hearing aids usually come to their rescue. In all these situations, the role of people around the sufferer is very significant. If any of your loved ones is also facing this challenge, the tips listed below can help. 

Tips To Support A Friend With Hearing Loss

Speak Well

The most significant factor is to focus on how you speak. Make sure you say things loud and clear so the person can hear you well. Do not keep a hand in front of your mouth as the person may try to learn what you are saying by reading your lip moment. Another thing you need to be careful about is not making any communication from a distance like from another room.

Be Patient

It will take time before the person gets used to it and learns to live with hearing loss. So, until that time, you have to stay patient and give them that time to adjust. They may get anxious and break down many times. You can help them tackle these anxieties and come to peace with their disability.

Position Well

While speaking to someone with hearing difficulties, ensure you position yourself well. If you look in the other direction and talk slowly, they will not be able to make out that you are talking to them. Hence, you should stand close and initiate the conversation with their name. Look in their eye and make direct communication as it will be convenient for them to know you are talking to them.

Medical Help

It is crucial to get medical help for people facing any disability. In case of hearing loss, you should buy the best hearing aids and start a treatment that might help ease the problem. Look for the best doctors and arrange the best medical help if you want to support your friend.

With these simple yet effective tips, you can handle anyone with hearing loss well and make things easier for them. Understand that it is vital to keep things normal and never treat the patient in a different way or give any sympathy. If it is the initial days when the person has just encountered the disability, you can consider taking them to a counsellor who can help them be on cordial terms with their issues. Your small efforts can make a big difference; spread love and be supportive to help your loved ones face this disability with ease.


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