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Tips to Help You Find a Great Sinus Doctor


Having chronic sinus problems can be a real pain. It’s important to have the right specialist to help you manage your condition and prevent complications from occurring. While an allergist can help you identify what’s causing your sinus issues, it may take time to find one that has convenient office hours or is even covered by your insurance plan. 

With so many specialists to choose from, how do you know which one is best for you? Here are some tips on how to find a great sinus doctor. Whether you have an allergist or not, the following tips will help you identify the right specialist for your needs.


Ask Around

The best way to get information about a specialist is by talking to people who have had experience with that doctor. Your trusted health care provider may be able to suggest a few names. If you don't have a regular doctor, call a few of your friends who suffer from chronic sinus issues and see if they have a specialist they recommend. You can also ask your family doctor for a referral, or search online for a doctor in your area using your symptoms as a search term. If you find a doctor you’d like to meet with, you can use the information below to gauge whether or not that doctor is a good fit for you.


Research the Doctor’s Reputation

When it comes to medical matters, reputation is everything. An online search of the doctor’s name may turn up reviews from patients who have had experience with them in the past. You may also find articles written about their work as a specialist. Even if you don’t find reviews for the specific doctor you want to see, try to find out if any allergists in your area have a good reputation. You can also ask your doctor for their opinion on the best specialist to see. 

An allergist has a good understanding of the issues that chronic sinusitis sufferers face, but you may want to see a specialist if you have other conditions, such as a deviated septum, nasal polyps, or nasal/ear scarring.


Consider your Insurance Plan

Before you try to find a specialist, you should make sure your coverage will allow you to see that specific doctor. Most insurance companies offer a list of approved specialists for each chronic sinus condition. If you can’t find your condition listed, you can call your insurance company for further information. If you have an HMO plan, you’ll have to follow the guidelines set out by your plan to see an approved specialist. If you have a PPO plan, you will have more freedom to choose which specialist you would like to see. While this is important when choosing a specialist, you should also keep in mind that you don’t want to see just any doctor. You want to see someone who has a lot of experience treating chronic sinusitis patients and who is familiar with the latest treatment options.


See What the Doctor Recommends

If you have chronic sinusitis, you may be prescribed a daily anti-inflammatory medication to help reduce swelling in your sinuses. You might also have a steroid nasal spray or have been referred to a surgical specialist to help reduce or eliminate nasal scarring. 

When you meet with a sinus doctor in North Dallas, you can ask them what their recommendations are for your condition. You should let them know the medications and techniques that have been working for you so far and any that have not been helpful. You can also ask your doctor whether they have experience with surgical techniques to help reduce nasal scarring and improve the quality of life for chronic sinusitis patients. If a specialist has done thousands of sinus surgeries, they should have the expertise to help you manage your condition and prevent complications.


Hire an Ear, Nose, and Throat Expert as a Co-Consultant

If you want to ensure you get the best care possible, you may want to hire an ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) expert to be a co-consultant with your existing doctor. You can do this by asking your current doctor if they have any recommendations for ENT specialists that you could see in addition to your appointment with them. If your doctor doesn’t have any suggestions, you can do an online search for ENT specialists in your area. If you find an ENT doctor that you like, you can ask them to be a co-consultant with your primary doctor and help you find the best treatment options for your chronic sinusitis.



Chronic sinusitis is a debilitating disease that can take a huge toll on your quality of life. You can manage your condition by finding the right doctor to help you. When choosing a specialist, you’ll want to find someone who is experienced in treating sinusitis, is easy to get in touch with, and has a good reputation in the community. 

To find a great sinus doctor, you can ask around, research the doctor’s reputation, consider your insurance plan, and see what the doctor recommends. You can also visit this website to find the best treatment options for your chronic sinusitis.


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